NatWest sponsored EWiF Awards awaiting your entries and nominations

The application process to enter this year's EWiF Awards is now open.

NatWest sponsored EWiF Awards awaiting your entries and nominations

The application process to enter this year’s EWiF Awards is now open.

It’s that time of the year again when women in franchising are given the opportunity to celebrate the best in the business. For those women involved in the UK’s franchising sector, there are a number of ways you can enter. You can put yourself or your business forward for one or more categories, or you can nominate someone else you believe deserves recognition.

Awards are presented to business leaders – both franchisors and franchisees – administrative staff, as well as those working on the ‘shop floor.’ So be prepared to celebrate the achievements of those connected with this growing sector. 

According to a press release issued by the organisers of this prestigious event: “There’s no limitation on who you can nominate. If you’ve never entered before, why not put yourself forward this year. You have nothing to lose.

“Or think about some of the amazing women in your franchise. It’s highly likely you already have someone in mind – and possibly more than one person. Maybe it’s someone who lightens the room when she walks in or someone who brings a smile to your day.” 

The Awards are free to enter and you don’t need to be an EWIF Ambassador to take part. This event is open to all UK-based franchises. But remember, all entries must be submitted by 5pm on Friday April 1st, 2022.

Why should you enter?

According to EWiF‘s press release, “this is an opportunity to give someone in your business a feel good moment. And there is the knock-on impact in the way it will boost your entire network. The process of writing your entry, actually gives you the time to reflect on all your successes throughout the year. So take the time to reward and celebrate your support teams and franchisees, even if they end up not being nominated.”

And look at the benefits:

  • Opportunities for personal and brand publicity if shortlisted. Contact your local TV, radio and newspapers.
  • Added trust and credibility. Update your website, social media accounts and email logos with the badge you receive for being a finalist.
  • Potential national recognition for your achievements, which also helps to amplify your brand and reputation. 
  • Great opportunities for networking. 
  • A good way to attract more franchisees, when you position your brand as ‘best in class.’

The categories

  • New Woman Franchisor of the Year (Sponsored by Daisy First Aid);
  • Woman Franchisor of the Year (Sponsored by Novuna Business Finance);
  • New Woman Franchisee of the Year (Sponsored by Moneypenny);
  • Woman Franchisee of the Year (Sponsored by Darwin Gray);
  • Woman Franchise Employee of the Year (Sponsored by Boddy Matthews);
  • Young Woman in Franchising of the Year (For those aged under 30. Sponsored by McDonald’s);
  • Service Provider of the Year (Male or female. Sponsored by NatWest);
  • Inspirational Woman in Franchising (Sponsored by Platinum Wave);
  • Ambassador of the Year (Male or female, Sponsored by What Franchise);
  • Overall Woman in Franchising (Chosen from the list of female winners in the above categories and sponsored by the British Franchise Association (BFA));

The press release continued: “The judging panel is looking forward to reading your success stories, as we celebrate another great year in franchising.”

Find out how to enter the EWiF Awards on our website.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales