New franchisor invests heavily in unique franchise opportunity

Less than six months ago Liam Hobbs acquired More Than Loft Ladders, but already the new owner has transformed the Nottinghamshire-based company's training package.

New franchisor invests heavily in unique franchise opportunity

Since purchasing More Than Loft Ladders last October, the new owner of the UK franchise has certainly not wasted any time in investing in the business. Liam Hobbs, who started out as a More Than Loft Ladders franchisee in 2013, before becoming the franchisor nine years later, has already ploughed money into developing the company’s training scheme to help future business partners.

The company, as its name suggests, focuses on transforming and renovating those dark and often forgotten spaces called lofts. They fit loft hatches, install smoke alarms and lighting, and lay insulation and boards across as much of the loft space as the customers want.

Since becoming involved with the company as a franchisee, the Derby-based entrepreneur has built up his business across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. And now, after acquiring the rights as franchisor, he has invested heavily in providing greater support, training and services for its franchisees.

Liam says: “We already had several franchise holders covering a wide area from Liverpool to Northampton, and we are now delighted to welcome Indika Wanigaratne and Krish Hapugoda who have secured territories in north and west London.

“We have been working hard to cement the support package available to new and existing franchisees. This includes a full training programme and customer finance packages. We have developed a brand new ‘launch package’ that provides paid targeted advertising in your new area or regions. This will help to generate leads the moment a new franchisee starts attending their training course.

“During induction training, franchisees will be taught how to navigate their custom built CRM. They will be shown how to best market their brand in their local area, as well as how to close a deal. They will also be fully trained on the practical side of the job, so they can confidently deliver a great service to their customers.

“Having been a franchisee myself, I realise how important it is to be part of a network with support, advice and additional services. This is a growing market – and particularly in the current economic climate. Homeowners recognise that, instead of taking on more mortgage debt by purchasing a larger home, they can simply maximise the living space in their current home by converting the loft.

“Upgrading insulation makes perfect sense in both the short and long term. This will help to counter rising heating bills which have currently reached an eye-watering level. With a solid reputation and growing customer demand, I am confident that our growth plans will be achieved. I look forward to providing personal and practical support to our franchise holders over the coming months.”

The aforementioned Indika Wanigaratne and Krish Hapugoda were the first new franchisees since Liam took over the franchised business in the autumn of 2022. The pair will operate in Edgeware, Harrow, Uxbridge, Watford and Wembley.

Indika explains: “I first became aware of the business potential for loft conversions when I needed to do work on my own house. I was keen to create additional storage space. I contacted several local and national companies, and was shocked at the standard of services on offer.

“Having supported the trades’ men and women who I eventually hired to carry out the job, I started to look into diversifying my own business interests. This led me to More Than Loft Ladders.

“Liam’s experience as a former franchisee has enabled him to expand the help and support package he provides for everyone within the network. The support is comprehensive and we are looking forward to building our business in this geographical area.

“Krish and I will be recruiting fitters, so we can concentrate on sales, marketing and customer service. More Than Loft Ladders is a growing business which operates in a competitive industry. But Liam’s company has a fantastic reputation across the entire country which will help us to make a success of our new venture too.”

It is not uncommon for first year business partners to post annual revenues close to £140k, with nett profits in the region of 30-40%.

This article comes courtesy of More Than Loft Ladders, experts in creating cost effective storage space.

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