Pass the Keys – Transforming property management

In the heart of the UK's vibrant business landscape, Pass the Keys has emerged as a trailblazer in the property management sector since its launch in 2015.


By 2019, this innovative company transitioned into the franchise realm, amplifying its impact and establishing a network of over 80 franchise partners throughout the UK. With a recent expansion into Spain in 2023 and plans for further international growth, Pass the Keys is on an unstoppable path, offering a golden opportunity for entrepreneurial spirits eager to dive into the lucrative short-let property market.

Why Pass the Keys?
Pass the Keys isn’t just another franchise opportunity; it’s a gateway to the booming short-let property market, offering a blend of growth potential, support, and innovation. Ideal for those managing a property portfolio or aspiring to break into the industry, this franchise provides the expertise, tools, and technology necessary for success. It’s a call to ambitious, hands-on individuals ready to build a legacy of pride and accomplishment.

The market opportunity
The short-let property sector is not just growing; it’s flourishing, with a demand that outpaces supply in many areas. Pass the Keys positions its franchisees at the forefront of this lucrative market, offering a unique opportunity to manage a property portfolio with significant scale-up potential. The franchise’s model is built for those who see beyond the horizon, aiming for a future where their business is not just successful but dominant.

Training and support: The foundation of your success
A comprehensive 8-week training program lies at the heart of the Pass the Keys franchise, designed to equip you with everything needed to hit the ground running. This isn’t just about understanding the business model; it’s about mastering it, gaining the confidence to take control of your destiny within this space.

But the support doesn’t end there. Throughout the 6-year franchise agreement, franchisees benefit from a dedicated partner account manager, regular training and workshops led by industry experts, and a community of fellow franchisees. Whether it’s mastering new technologies or exploring innovative marketing strategies, you’re never alone on this journey.

A fully automated, client-centric service
What sets Pass the Keys apart is its commitment to solving a genuine pain point for property investors and second-home owners: the stress of property management. The franchise offers a fully automated, end-to-end service that handles everything from guest communication to cleaning, providing peace of mind for property owners and a hassle-free experience for guests.

Investment and returns
With an initial investment of £18,600 and an advisory additional working capital of £15,000 – £20,000, franchisees can expect a return on investment within 18-24 months. This scalable business model not only offers a path to profitability but also positions franchisees as leaders in a growing sector, backed by industry-leading technology and expert advice.

Building your empire
Pass the Keys empowers franchisees with an exclusive territory, laying the groundwork to build a multi-functional business. From property refurbishment to maintenance and cleaning services, the possibilities for expansion are vast. This is more than just managing properties; it’s about creating an empire, controlling market share, and achieving financial freedom.

The competitive edge
What makes Pass the Keys stand out in a crowded market? It’s the unparalleled opportunity within the short-let space, allowing franchisees to manage a property portfolio without the hefty investment typically associated with real estate. The business model is not just scalable; it’s flexible, welcoming new ideas and innovations from franchisees eager to leave their mark.

Untapped markets await
With the short-let property market still evolving, Pass the Keys offers an entry point into untapped markets ready for disruption. The franchise model is designed for growth, inviting those with the vision and drive to seize market share and redefine the industry.

A future with Pass the Keys
Choosing Pass the Keys means stepping into a future where your business grows as you do, where support is constant, and success is a shared journey. It’s an opportunity to join a network that’s not just expanding but thriving, in an industry that rewards foresight, innovation, and ambition.

Ready to make your mark in untapped markets? Pass the Keys is your opportunity to build an empire, gain financial freedom, and truly take control of your work-life balance.

This article comes courtesy of Pass the Keys, the short-let property management franchise.

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