Popular dessert franchise opens training facility

Creams Café unveil centre of excellence to train new and existing business partners.

Popular dessert franchise opens training facility

It’s been a busy summer for global dessert parlour Creams Café. Not only have they added a number of new business partners to their UK network, they have also opened a training academy in Nottingham. This specialist facility, which sits within the same unit as the brand’s northern flagship restaurant, welcomed its first intake of budding franchisees in September.

This ‘centre of excellence’ is a training hub for those new to Creams, as well as established business owners who require further coaching and guidance. Managing director Othman Shoukat is delighted with the new facility, saying: “It offers top-class training and ongoing development for our franchise partners, along with their restaurant management teams.

“Having grown quickly in recent years, it’s imperative we unify our network by delivering consistent training to both our partners and their teams. Demand for our business model in the north of the nation has increased post-pandemic, thanks to the appeal of our high-quality desserts and impeccable customer service.

“We are now firmly established as the nation’s most-loved dessert parlour. We’re proud to have launched this new facility and reopened the adjoining restaurant after months of renovations. This is a sign of things to come for Creams Café in the north – and further afield too.”

Currently, there are over 30 multi-unit franchise partners operating across more than 100 locations in the UK, with Creams keen to have 500 stores globally by the end of 2027. Creams Café was founded in 2008, and three years later launched their first London store in Southall.

One of the company’s newest recruits is 23-year-old Guneet Madhang who has taken over an existing Creams’ restaurant in Guildford. Guneet, who is keen to expand his business in the surrounding Surrey region, believes the quick service restaurant model is ‘perfect’ for him.

He said: “I first enquired about a Creams investment opportunity during the height of the Covid pandemic. While other business owners were hunkering down in fear of financial ruin, I was adamant that an investment in the recession-proof food service industry was a perfect choice for me.

“At the time, the territory I wanted to invest in wasn’t available. But earlier this year the existing Guildford restaurant came up for sale, so I jumped at the chance. I’m committed to the Creams Café business model and the stellar support provided by their head office team.

“I’m already taking steps towards becoming a multi-unit operator. Five years from now, I’d like multiple restaurants and I’m planning to expand internationally too. There’s no limit to what you can achieve as a Creams Café franchise partner.”

Alongside the launch of Guneet’s new venture, this past summer has also witnessed new franchise locations in New Haw and Hammersmith. In recent months the company undertook a national marketing campaign; have held a ‘sundae giveaway’ extravaganza during National Ice Cream Week in July; and reached audiences of over 47 million.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales