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Turning a passion or hobby into a successful business venture will sadly remain an unfulfilled dream for most. What makes it especially sad, is that the big reasons people don’t try – they don’t know how they would make money from it, or if there is a market for it, or they don’t have any experience running or building a business – can all be addressed by finding the right franchise.

For those whose passion lies in sport, teaching, gardening, travel or cooking, there are plenty of proven franchise models ready to accommodate the ambitious enthusiast. Some passions however,  a love of home interiors for example, might seem harder to create a business opportunity from without a career background in art, design or building. And yet, Raison Home, a franchise model with a 20 year history of growth and a network of well over 100 franchisees across the UK and Europe, offers just such a pathway.

Raison Home helps people create the rooms of their dreams from kitchens, to bedrooms, to bathrooms – even family rooms and home offices sometimes. The key to our success, is the one thing you should look for in any franchise you’re considering, and that is innovation. A business that doesn’t innovate will lose out to a competitor that does. Not even the established fast food giants can afford to stand still – they constantly look for new ways to keep ahead of the pack whether its with ordering, service, packaging or menu changes. Innovation is essential.

So how has Raison Home harnessed innovation to create a successful business model? Once upon a time, you needed a showroom full of stock and sales staff to sell a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Why? Because that’s just the way it’s always been. Once upon another time, you needed a six figure investment just to get started as a franchisee in this sector. Why? Because showrooms full of stock and staff are expensive. Today however, Raison Home is leading the way with a very different offer for customers and potential franchisees alike.

Innovation number 1: we don’t do showrooms. Instead, our franchisees visit their customers in their homes and collaboratively design their dream room right there in the very space they wish to transform. It is the most personal customer experience imaginable and results in a truly bespoke solution that is completely unique to the way they live in their homes and tailored to their budget.

Innovation number 2: we don’t sell people the closest thing to what they need that we happen to have in stock. Our home designers (our franchisees) are trained to create solutions. They have access to more than 40 suppliers from all over Europe and over 100 fellow franchisees (selling around 4,500 kitchens a year between them!) with whom to share ideas and designs. This means that rather than having to compromise, our customers are often rewarded with a room that they hadn’t even dreamed possible.

Innovation number 3: we embrace technology. As if getting to design their new space whilst sat in the existing space wasn’t exciting enough, Raison Home customers get to experience their new room right there and then, thanks to our virtual reality headsets!  

One of the key benefits of joining Raison Home is the proven know-how and services it offers in all areas of the business. With over 20 years of experience, Raison Home empowers franchisees to excel in delivering to their customers, ensuring operational efficiencies that allow them to focus fully on client needs. This level of support is crucial for entrepreneurs transitioning a hobby into a full-time business, as it reduces the learning curve and helps to navigate the challenges of a new venture.

For example, our first Scottish franchisee, who started her training with us at the very beginning of 2022 , made over £220,000 of sales in the same year. Our franchise owners generally enjoy a 30% profit margin – so that’s a pretty impressive first year in business! Worth noting too that she came from a banking career and had never had her own business before or worked in KBB or interiors. And it wasn’t beginners luck either – she did even better in 2023 and wasn’t even the top UK performer.

Provided you are creative, organised, good with people and networking and passionate about delivering outstanding customer service, then you can excel with a Raison Home franchise.

Make the most of your passion  – there’s a perfect franchise out there waiting for you!

This article was brought to you by Raison Home. Their franchise opportunity lets you launch a thriving KBB design business fueled by your passion for interiors and their training, support and 20 years’ of expertise. Franchisees work directly in clients’ homes to craft bespoke projects, leveraging Raison Home’s proven systems and cutting-edge technologies. You don’t need a background in design or in the KBB industry to join their family of over 120 Home Designers across Europe and the UK. For more details on turning your passion into a thriving business with Raison Home, click here to connect with them.

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