Reaching the pinnacle of franchisee support

After more than 30 years’ in-house with some of the world’s biggest brands, renowned franchise expert, Tim Morris, is shaking up franchisee support

Reaching the pinnacle of franchisee support

His new business, Pinnacle, is tackling an all-too-common phenomena faced by franchisors: how to engage and motivate longstanding franchisees and drive even the highest performers to new heights.

In most franchise networks, there are a number of individuals who excel at ‘working the model’ and smashing expectations of revenue growth. For several years, these franchisees soak up every available drop of support and interaction with their franchisor and peers. But when they outgrow the standard model of support, these high performers can often be left to their own devices, becoming disengaged and even resentful of their franchisor. And it’s here, that Pinnacle changes the game.

Pinnacle programmes involve the design, implementation and facilitation of independent peer-to-peer performance groups. Engaging the top 8-10% of a franchise network with a specialist framework of facilitated face-to-face meetings, business planning, KPI and goal setting, innovation and peer-led accountability.

“After a lifetime dedicated to franchising, there is little else I can say that I am so passionate about,” says Tim. “I felt the power of performance groups a number of years ago when I launched the first of its kind within Tutor Doctor. Since then, I’ve been implementing and facilitating peer-to-peer groups to optimise performance and growth potential – limited to the individual business I was working in. Through Pinnacle, I’m bringing this proven strategy and success record to brands who want to help maximise their high performing franchisees financial opportunity, improve network engagement and increase franchisee retention rates.”

Frank Milner, Global President of international tutoring giant, Tutor Doctor, reflects on the impact of Tim’s peer-to-peer groups within the organisation:

“For nearly seven years, Tim was instrumental in the growth of our network. A key part of this was the performance groups he established – known as ‘Going for Growth’ groups by the network. Not only did these groups satisfy the needs of successful, rapidly growing and long tenured franchisees, they helped to improve and maintain a strong relationship between franchisor and franchisee. These groups remain a vital part of our targeted support and engagement strategy for high-performing individuals.”

As well as the tangible benefits to headline financials, participants share best practice and reignite ambitions through powerful networking with like-minded individuals. In a fast-paced and opportunity-laden landscape, performance groups are a critical support tool for all franchisors who recognise that retaining top performers is as important as recruiting new franchisees. 

Already coined as The Franchisee Growth Experts, Pinnacle is set the become the go-to solution for franchisors and franchisees alike.

For more information, visit or call Tim Morris on 07767135125.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales