Taking advantage of the huge opportunities available in the UK’s booming aesthetics industry

Within five years of arriving on our shores, Laser Clinics has become one of the country’s most successful franchise operations.

Taking advantage of the huge opportunities available in the UK’s booming aesthetics industry

Since opening for business in September 2019, Laser Clinics UK has earned plenty of plaudits. With treatment centres in almost 50 towns or cities across the country, the company has expanded considerably.

Yet the story goes further back than this: Laser Clinics began 16 years ago in Australia, with the very first clinic opening in Sydney, New South Wales. Since then, it has expanded across every Australian state, before arriving in New Zealand in November 2018.

Less than a year later the company had opened its first franchise in the UK and, in January 2022, reached Canada where five months later Laser Clinics unveiled their 200th global business.

From Australia to New Zealand, and Canada to the UK, the company perform approximately 4.2m treatments every year. Worldwide, Laser Clinics have a team of over 2,500 fully trained therapists (all registered nurses, doctors or clinicians).

But less about the generics and more about the specifics: For example, laser hair removal and skin treatments are performed by specially trained therapists. These services are medically backed, while all skin treatments are dermatologically approved. 

Among their offerings are treatments for enlarged pores, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and dry skin. The company’s cosmetic injectables provide dermal fillers and lip enhancements. Laser hair removal is an especially popular treatment, while the clinics can also improve body contouring and muscle strength.

Visitors can purchase a whole range of affordable products which they can take away as an additional benefit to their in-clinic treatment. But the full list of offerings available at Laser Clinics can only be viewed by visiting their website.

Journalist Kezia Parkins visited the company’s Westfield clinic in Stratford, East London, where she paid £55 to experience one of their high-tech facial treatments, using LED light phototherapy. 

She reported back: “Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria and is often combined with red light which targets inflammation and redness. Meanwhile, yellow light therapy stimulates the production of red blood cells, which play a vital role in skin healing and skin cell rejuvenation but can also help to reduce active acne. 

“This treatment boosts the skin’s healing rate, blood flow, as well as the natural production of collagen. LED Light also triggers the lymphatic system, which helps remove toxins from the treated area.

“After my consultation with therapist and assistant manager Amandeep Kaur Deol, my face was given a double cleanse. With my eyes safely covered, it was then time for me to undergo light treatment for 15 minutes. The warmth of the light felt lovely and relaxing. 

“When the time was up, Amandeep applied a balmy moisturiser and advised me to use lots of ceramides to repair damaged skin. Overall, I loved the simplicity and speed of the treatment. My skin glowed immediately after being treated. I was informed that a course of four treatments would be needed to fully repair my skin. 

“This particular visit was a great stand alone in-and-out procedure, but to fully enjoy the benefits it would need to be combined with other treatments. And Laser Clinics have told me they are seeking business people keen to open a clinic in the UK, and there are plenty of territories available.”

Anyone interested in learning more about franchise opportunities with Laser Clinics, should watch these two videos. 

This one visits the company’s Plymouth clinic, while the second provides a more generic overview.

Why not invest with the largest and fastest-growing aesthetics operator in the UK, and combine your passion with a proven business model.

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