Tesco’s F&F clothing brand to launch in United States

Four F&F franchise stores to open in New York, three more on east coast this year, as Tesco teams up with Retail Group of America

Tesco's F&F clothing brand to launch in United States

It seems every little does help. Tesco’s clothing brand F&F has announced plans for its first franchise stores in the USA as it looks to become a leading global brand for affordable fashion across the pond.

F&F, which launched in the UK and Ireland back in 2001, is set to open seven stores on America’s east coast this year, with the first opening in Boston next month – closely followed by New York with four stores, Philadelphia and Newport, Virginia. “

Launched in conjunction with its US franchise partner, Retail Group of America, the new F&F stores will follow previous franchise rollout strategies closely and will join the list of 43 stores in ten additional countries.

“We’re delighted to be brining F&F’s range of affordable fashion to customers in the USA this year, including four stores in one of the world’s fashion and shopping capitals, New York,” said Jason Tarry, CEO of F&F.

“We’ve had a really positive response from customers in all of our overseas markets so we’re hoping our American stores prove to be just as popular.”

Simon Marshall, chairman of the board of Retail Group of America, added: “We are excited at the chance to bring a brand we cherish to the American consumer in line with our expansion strategy.”

Armenia has also been added to F&F’s country portfolio, with the brand continuing its partnership with”Al Hokair in Europe and Central Asia by opening the store in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. It follows stores already opened with Al Hokair in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Whilst Tesco’s profits may be on the slide in the UK, at least it can take comfort in the fact that its fashion offering is being received warmly on foreign shores.

Joe Jeffrey
Joe Jeffrey