‘The Beast’ plays a starring role in recently-launched InXpress video

Eddie Hall demonstrates how customers enjoy a hassle-free service from leading UK and global shipping franchise

‘The Beast’ plays a starring role in recently-launched InXpress video

Logistics experts’ InXpress are delighted with the response, following the launch of their latest media campaign which features TV strongman Eddie Hall.

Eddie, who won the 2017 edition of ‘World’s Strongest Man’, fronts a short two-minute video that illustrates how InXpress provides a seamless, stress free, service for their global customers. Founded in 1999, InXpress is a logistics business which specialises in transporting their customers’ goods around the world.

Melanie Martin, the company’s global Head of Marketing, said “Our mini film, featuring Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall, perfectly encapsulates how InXpress goes above and beyond to make certain our customers receive a top-quality service.

“It’s not only exciting but also adds an element of fun to the shipping experience. It’s now over two months since we launched the campaign, and my phone is still pinging every few minutes with Instagram notifications that show how people are engaging positively with the film.

“And what exactly does this mini film entail? First and foremost, it simplifies the often-complex shipping process involved in the transporting of goods overseas. InXpress remains committed to making shipping as seamless and hassle-free as possible, and this film highlights just how we achieve that goal.”

TV presenter Eddie, who has won numerous Strongman events around the UK and beyond, has 2.77m subscribers to his YouTube channel. And InXpress are delighted that the 35-year-old from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, is fronting their video campaign.

Melanie added: “It brings a dynamic and engaging energy to our brand. And over two months since the launch, this campaign continues to get engagement from across the country and the globe.

“The team at InXpress believe that this campaign will not only resonate with existing customers, but also capture the attention of those who are exploring shipping options. We constantly strive to innovate and elevate our shipping experience, and this campaign is a testament to that commitment.”

About InXpress: The company, which offers expertise in the shipping of goods to all areas of the world, have their global headquarters in Greater Manchester, England. They provide consultative services and innovative software to small and medium sized enterprises. InXpress operate in 14 countries and enjoy annual revenues in excess of $165m. They have more than 350 global franchisees, of which just over 100 are in the UK. Outside of the UK, the majority of their franchisees are based in Western Europe and North America.

The InXpress Service: Their website explains ‘Whether you need a one-off shipment or you process a thousand a day, we’ve got a service for you. We have the software to get your delivery where it needs to be. Reliability is incredibly important, both for your business and your customers. It’s even more crucial when you’re dealing with high volumes of deliveries and a wide range of goods.

‘We’ve invested millions in our unique proprietary platform to make the whole shipping process as simple as possible. In fact, it’s been designed specifically around the needs of busy people like you. And even if there’s the occasional issue along the way, we take ownership to ensure things get back on track, with updates from a real person – we never use automated systems.’

Andy Swales
Andy Swales