Transform your life with an evolving brand

Sandler, the world's largest sales and management training and consulting company, has undergone huge transformations in 2022 to better serve its clients and help its franchisees achieve greater success.

Transform your life with an evolving brand

To kick off a summer of transformation, they completely rebranded to better reflect their positioning and their evolving business.

Sandler has been working on new content, such as the Sales Leader Growth Series, to better serve the sales leadership and sales management roles they help within ambitious organisations. They also invested heavily in a brand new Learning Management Software to ensure all their training is world class.

They launched a partnership with global sales and marketing technology HubSpot to help embed their framework within client companies and better support their franchisees. This partnership has already helped push growth across the franchise network and create consistency in messaging.

This transformation has helped the franchise network drive growth in their client’s organisations, whether they focus on working with the SME market or large corporate entities. 

The business models Sandler franchisees harness gives a huge level of flexibility and freedom, meaning each franchisee can build the business they want. These product and brand evolutions are able to help the entire network, regardless of their focus. This has led to record results for a number of offices.

Sandler, as its brand continues to grow, is on the search for new ambitious entrepreneurs to join their network. A new scheme launched by UK CEO, Shaun Thomson, gives additional funding support and extra business coaching to those under the age of 38, who might not have considered franchising before. All new franchisees get a full business support package, a week of initial training in the US and regular coaching calls with members of the Sandler network as standard to help set them up for success.

Sandler was one of only 6 UK-based franchisees to be awarded 5 Star Status in a recent satisfaction survey of all of its franchisees, which is a testament to the work done to support the network and evolve the brand.

This article comes from Sandler, the world leader in sales, management and leadership training and consulting. 

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