UK master franchisee bows out after three years of growth

The United Franchise Group has taken back control of Signarama in the UK following a stewardship that resulted in record-breaking sales

UK master franchisee bows out after three years of growth

A business leader’s exit usually takes place when they feel they’ve taken the company as far as they can. And following an intensive run scaling an international franchise nationwide, one master franchisee has a new path to follow.

After three years of nurturing, Aliyyah Nasser, master franchisee of Signarama UK, the signage franchise, has returned control of the business to United Franchise Group (UFG), the franchise network. The decision follows impressive Q1 2018 sales figures that illustrated Signarama’s improvement, as well as the company bagging a slot in our very own Elite Franchise Top 100 in 2017.

Upon taking the reins from UFG, Nasser capitalised on the booming British market by demonstrating a strong franchise model. Her background in change management and operational strategy made a perfect fit and Signarama now looks to expand nationwide.

For Nasser, the departure couldn’t have come at a better time. After securing UFG’s guarantee to put significant resources towards the franchise, her future now lies with Askham Village Community, her family’s care home facility, where she occupied the role of operations director during Signarama’s turnaround.

Commenting on the transition, Nasser said: “Now that the franchise can stand proudly on its own two feet again, the time is right to bring my involvement in the business to an end.

“The decision to step away is one that I have made with great difficulty, as the Signarama brand and its reputation across the globe is something that I’m incredibly proud to be associated with. I believe that the last 18 months have seen us take significant steps towards cementing our place in both the UK signage and franchise industries.”

Signarama boasts more than 900 franchisees across 60 nations, which makes it the largest franchise of its kind. Seemingly the UK is now well-placed to help the firm solidify that position thanks to Nasser.”

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw