Up, up and away for the Bloom Baby franchise

Expanding enterprise spreads its wings by launching the Bloom Toddler model.


Few franchises have grown as swiftly as Bloom Baby Classes, which started life in Manchester a little over five years ago. Founded by mother-of-three, Victoria Jennings, the network has grown from 38 members in 2020, to 68 by September of this year. The company recently welcomed its latest intake of new franchisees, and hopes to pass the 100 mark by the end of 2023.

The aim of Bloom Baby is to help babies develop skills and awareness – via a variety of activities and methods – during their early months. Each lesson plan has been created by early years’ experts. According to their website, ‘We teach new skills that will aid their development with a new theme each week, so no class is ever the same.’

And Victoria has now launched a sister franchise called Bloom Toddler Classes, and this fledgling operation has already added 10 new business partners to its network. As a result of this recent expansion, Bloom Baby is seeking to recruit 17 more teachers by the end of the year. Bloom Baby has already opened franchises in Canada and Australia, and will soon be moving into the Middle East.

With regards to this significant recent development, owner Victoria Jennings says: “The demand for toddler classes across the UK is growing. So this is the perfect time to expand our franchise and we hope this new channel will lead to even higher revenue and growth.

“The classes will act as a ‘follow-on’ from our baby classes and will be especially for children aged 15 months and over. Teachers will guide the little ones as they become more mobile and independent.

“We’re also looking to expand the toddler classes globally, launching the new model in Qatar next year. After visiting the region earlier this year, this launch is now in progress and will be live from January 2023. Bloom Toddler Classes will be the first of its kind in Qatar, where there are currently few opportunities for parents and new babies to socialise.”

Holly Stepien, who is the owner of multiple Bloom Baby franchise locations, including Stockport South and Bolton, is a co-founder of the Bloom Toddler model – alongside Victoria.

She said: “The support I’ve received from the team at Bloom Baby has been brilliant. I’ve recently been shortlisted for the category Most Loved Baby Activity Leader, ahead of the What’s On 4 Kids Awards ceremony. This is testament to how much my business has grown in just one year, thanks to the team.

“Victoria has supported me since day one. Going into business with her, when launching Bloom Toddler, was an incredible next step, especially coming just one year into my franchise journey. I believe we have created a fantastic service for toddlers and their parents, and I’m very excited to share this next chapter with the UK and beyond.”

The first toddler class will be launched in Northumberland, by Sophie Nixon, at the end of this year. Sophie first joined as a teacher at the beginning of 2021 and she will now display her skills with toddlers, after undergoing franchisee training in autumn.

She said: “It’s an honour to launch the first toddler session. I’ve been inspired by Victoria and her determination to build a brand which helps and supports new parents. Working for the franchisee at a Bloom Baby class in Northumberland has been an absolute joy, and now I’m so excited to launch my own new business in the community.

“Before discovering Bloom, I was a beauty therapist and worked long hours in a department store. Part of the motivation for joining the Bloom family was to spend more time with my daughter and husband. Thanks to network support, I was able to become a teacher and now I’m launching my own franchise.

“Demand for the first sessions in Northumberland has already exceeded our initial projections. But I know Bloom will continue to support me throughout my journey.”

Andy Swales
Andy Swales