The benefits of a QSR that can fit in any location

According to research, some of the top considerations for QSR outlets when choosing where to 'open shop' are size, accessibility, facilities within the building, budget, USP and local consumer habits and behaviour

The benefits of a QSR that can fit in any location

According to research, some of the top considerations for QSR outlets when choosing where to ‘open shop’ are size, accessibility, facilities within the building, budget, USP and local consumer habits and behaviour1. And with the ever-growing list of demands and considerations that QSR brands must take into account even before trading, it has never been a better time for QSR franchises to take a multi-format approach. Here, Sigríður Jónsdóttir, Managing Director of Ísey Skyr Bar, discusses why multi-format QSR brands can help franchisees enjoy a greater amount of success as business owners. 

Encourages innovation

Multi-format QSR outlets are ideal for brands that are testing new ideas when appealing to trends, habits and situations within the consumer landscape. A brand can evaluate the efficacy of a format in high-stress, fast-paced environments to help wider operations develop and evolve. Both franchisees and franchisors are then afforded the chance to assess whether or not this new layout, piece of technology or concept design will help or hinder business operations. This innovation ultimately eradicates the concern over consumer habits and location, as the consistent drive to push the brand forward and make products available in any context increases accessibility and exposure. 

Nurtures adaptability

QSRs need flexibility to keep up with customer demands. In certain situations, a company might want to quickly establish multiple locations in order to make the most of sales opportunities in a particular market. Whether a kiosk in an airport, a pop-up at a festival or a permanent location, multi-format QSR franchises can adapt their operations and franchise development to suit how people ‘tick’ in any given location around the world.

The nature of a multi-format enables franchisees to never have to commit to a one-size-fits-all approach, meaning the wider business operations can either adopt or reject initiatives based on the subjective success a certain format has seen. This is most apparent when it comes to local consumer behaviour. Franchisees never need to be concerned about their franchise failing or succeeding based on their location. With multi-format concepts enabling a tailored approach (including where and how they run their business), a QSR franchise’s USP becomes synonymous with being accessible anywhere at any time.

The power of the plug-in

QSRs require less investment, especially when that brand champions efficiency through a ‘plug-in and play’ model. The strength of the plug-in is also reflected in consumer behaviour, as they often prefer locations that are quick and convenient for them, as opposed to having to travel to suit the needs of the brand. So, franchisees never have to worry about seeking premium locations. 

Instead, multi-formats that require minimal set-up costs can simply open in a busy area with a high footfall, establishing alternative locations such as pop-ups, either in a professional or less formal setting. This element to QSR franchise operations also removes concern over a permanent location’s facilities and size, as pop-ups allow the outlet to establish a ‘one-stop shop’ model.

Affirms the brand’s USP

In the QSR industry, it is vital to maintain consistency and accessibility. Whether rushing to get a flight or taking a leisurely lunch break from work, a QSR product should always remain the same.  This therefore helps embed the widespread ethos and concept of the brand. Customers constantly change their interests and preferences, but a company that can remain present and visible to consumers helps keep a brand relevant and on-trend. Put simply, a company needs as much flexibility as possible to stay up to date with consumer demands, and multi-format QSR franchise models do just that. By implementing this strategy, a business owner can adapt quickly to different situations while ensuring that it evolves with the fast-moving QSR industry and maintains the heart and fundamentals of the brand. 

It is no surprise that QSR brands are best placed when adopting a multi-format approach. With unexpected developments and trends regularly impacting on the day-to-day operations of franchises, a QSR outlet that can fit anywhere is sure to help franchisees reap the benefits of choosing a certain territory. In the modern consumer landscape, visibility and presence is everything.

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Sigríður Steinunn Jónsdóttir
Sigríður Steinunn Jónsdóttir