The franchise equation: why you won’t always be successful as a franchisee

Franchising, with its reliable business models, trusted brands, continued support and often pre-established clientele, presents an enticing path for budding entrepreneurs

The franchise equation: why you won’t always be successful as a franchisee

However, franchise success is not always a guaranteed outcome, warns Bill Painter, Director of Development at Snap Fitness. The key to unlocking the benefits of franchising, he suggests, is not solely the strength of the franchise model, but the franchisee’s commitment to accountability, resilience and strategic prowess.

A popular misconception is equating franchising to automatic victory in the business arena. This erroneous belief can breed complacency, causing franchisees to lean too heavily on the franchisor’s brand reputation, whilst discounting the importance of their own initiative and entrepreneurial flair. This is why, at Snap Fitness, we emphasise accountability as one of the four fundamental values underpinning our team ethos.

At the nucleus of a thriving franchise operation is the mutual accountability between the franchisor and franchisee. A franchisor’s role is to supply a sturdy business model, superior product, consistent branding and comprehensive training and support. Correspondingly, a franchisee is entrusted with the local deployment, daily operations and the responsibility to uphold the brand’s reputation within their territory.

However, accountability for a franchisee extends far beyond adhering to operational norms. It demands proactive management, ongoing education, alertness to market fluctuations and a capacity to build and maintain strong relationships with customers, staff and the franchisor. It is about owning your actions, learning from missteps and constantly seeking to enhance.

Also, accountability within a franchise network has a pronounced social dimension. Every franchisee, though managing their own business, is a part of a wider collective. Their actions influence not just their franchise but the brand as a whole. Interacting with and learning from fellow franchisees is crucial, as they can offer valuable perspectives based on their experiences and best practices.

So, how do you foster accountability within a franchise environment? Here are three practices that have proven effective among our franchisees at Snap Fitness:

Maintain an ongoing dialogue with your franchisor

Regular communication keeps you abreast of any changes, fresh initiatives or opportunities. Avail of training sessions and workshops offered by the franchisor to keep you in the loop and allow for continuous development of your business acumen and understanding of the wider industry.

Encourage a culture of accountability within your franchise business

This encompasses setting clear objectives, providing constructive feedback, acknowledging good performance, and promptly and transparently dealing with any issues. As a leader, your approach to accountability can profoundly shape your team’s behaviour and consequently, your business’ success.

Actively engage in your franchise network

Regularly liaise with other franchisees, share experiences, learn from each other’s trials and collectively rejoice in your successes. This communal experience can provide additional support, motivation, and can act as a catalyst for creative ideas.

Accountability also involves recognising when assistance is required. A prudent franchisee comprehends that seeking help is not indicative of failure, but rather an indication of strength. By soliciting guidance from your franchisor or fellow franchisees, you unlock new perspectives, problem-solving techniques and avenues for growth.

While franchising can provide a ready-made roadmap, it does not guarantee immediate success. It necessitates an entrepreneurial spirit, significant investment of time and effort and, above all, an unwavering sense of accountability. As a franchisee, your dedication, persistence and readiness to take responsibility for your business’ triumph is paramount. When navigated adeptly, with persistent accountability, the franchise model can indeed guide the way to formidable business success.

Bill Painter
Bill Painter