Why franchise leaders need to recruit for quality

Franchise leaders will have spent significant time building their brand's reputation and new franchisees buy into the organisation's strong values and established market positioning.

Why franchise leaders need to recruit for quality

Franchise leaders rightly, need to be protective of the work that has gone into developing the brand in order to continue to achieve sustainable growth. This means it is essential that only the best franchisees are selected to help expand the organisation.

I’ve worked in the franchise industry for over 30 years and understand the importance of recruiting new franchisees who have the right attributes for success. Bad apples can upset the cart and recruitment mistakes can be costly in terms of lost reputation and revenue, not to mention the overall challenges and time wasted needing to re-evaluate and rectify the situation from all sides if things go south.

Any franchise network is also close-knit community. People need to get on well and support each other for the greater good of the brand.

Franchisees are responsible for how the brand is perceived within their territory and so need to be fully aligned with company values from the outset. They need to become part of the DNA of the organisation to embody and promote its USPs.

Therefore, in their desire to expand, franchise leaders need to be mindful that they are recruiting the right franchisees who will protect and promote the organisation internally and externally as it grows.

At Burger & Sauce we are fussy!   We are as fussy about the quality ingredients we use in our fresh burgers, as we are who we invite to become franchisees! Essentially our brand ambassadors, franchisees need to have a passion for great food and be committed to growing their own business. It’s hard work running a franchise, so they need ambition, discipline and energy! Metaphorically, they need to excel at ‘spinning many plates’ all at the same time. Great staff management skills and a degree in organisation and common sense go a long way too.

There are many business skills that can be taught but the personal attributes of any applicant are ultimately what will make them successful or not. For us we are not prepared to expand at any cost. We are only looking for the best quality applicants who can demonstrate these ‘soft’ skills. For the right candidates, the opportunities are untapped and as a franchisor we will support, train and help nurture their business development goals to help them capitalise on the opportunities our business model offers, creating a solution where everyone benefits.

I would encourage other franchisors to focus on the importance of thoroughly assessing and recruiting the right franchisees for the roles they have available. This can be achieved through improving the quality of marketing to attract the best people and more detailed discussion with applicants early on in the process. Different sorts of people will be right for different sorts of franchises, spend time to ensure they are the right fit for the brand and this will be reflected with greater success further down the line.

Anthony Round
Anthony Round