Why you should consider buying a sign and printing franchise

Creating a strong brand identity is vital for all businesses. Brand identity includes everything that communicates the look and the feel of the company to clients.

Why you should consider buying a sign and printing franchise

Creating a strong brand identity is vital for all businesses. Brand identity includes everything that communicates the look and the feel of the company to clients. From street-front signage to marketing material, branded items need high-quality production. Without the capacity to do this work in-house, most companies routinely outsource this work to signage and print businesses. 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, any organisation’s visual presence evolves. From promotional and marketing material to vehicle signwriting and shop-front signage the business demand for branded print and sign items is considerable. As the UK is ranked fifth largest in global print markets and is also home to nearly 6 million business premises with signage needs, there’s a consistent demand for print and signage products.

This consistent business to business demand makes a sign and printing franchise a great investment for prospective franchisees.

What are the benefits?

Franchising is a business model that offers new entrants to the marketplace an immediate foothold. A recognised national or international brand with an existing market presence creates trust in a franchise. This can be critical to gaining market share locally as a start-up.

Depending on business size, product and franchisor, franchise sale opportunities range in price. Franchisees pay anything from a few thousand to five-figure sums. This gives the prospective entrepreneur a range of investment entry-points into the franchise business.

A franchise opportunity gives the franchisee all the independence of becoming a business owner. It also has the advantage of a tried and tested formula for rolling out and running a successful company. The franchisee can also tap into the franchise’s network of support and training. This equips the new business owner with industry-specific skills and the equipment needed to run a thriving print and signage franchise.

What do franchisors look for in a franchisee?

Because franchisors provide franchisees with training, they are not looking for previous experience in the printing or sign industry. What they will be looking for are skills that lend themselves to running and owning a successful business.

As the franchisee will be in the service industry, great communication skills will be an asset. The ability to lead and the will to succeed is also important. These entrepreneurial qualities don’t need to be linked to previous jobs on a cv. This is great for people who are looking for a career change or younger people who want to make their mark as a business owner.

What to expect?

Expect to do some research before committing. Not every franchise is identical. Key differences include the product range and the initial investment needed. Do the market research for your proposed location. Whilst most business activity is internet-based, organisations still look for local suppliers to meet their signage and print needs.

Check out the likely competition, their product range and prices. Make sure that the franchise product range is strong enough on price and product to go into direct competition and grab market share. Alternatively, consider a franchise that offers an innovative product that isn’t readily available. That creates a new market to penetrate, without having to rely on tempting existing customers away from their existing suppliers.

As part of the research process, talk to existing franchisees and make sure the franchisors’ claims match up to reality. Franchisors will tempt potential franchisees with net profit predictions. Whilst these will be broadly correct, it’s worth making sure that this is the actual experience for existing franchisees. Ask about any challenges they may have faced.

Another important aspect of the research is to understand exactly how much support and back up can be expected from the franchisor. Different print and sign franchise companies offer their franchisees a range of benefits so it pays to know what you can expect for your investment. If this is a first foray into the business world, the level of support could be critical to success.

The benefits included with a franchise vary. Some common examples include:

  • providing sales leads
  • promotional materials
  • advertising
  • business insurance premiums
  • networking support
  • meetups with other franchisees

Many franchise opportunities are run by global
franchise companies
, so the back-up for new business owners is rich in expertise and specialist knowledge.

Remember, a franchise doesn’t have to be started from scratch. Franchise resales are also available. The cost of buying an established franchise business will also come with an existing customer base and a regular turnover.

Whatever the route into franchising, it is a great way to become a ready-made business owner. To see a range of amazing
franchise opportunities
in the print and signage business and choose the perfect franchise start by visiting a reputable website.

Joshua Antoniou
Joshua Antoniou