Five great European countries for starting a hospitality business

Every country has varying economic circumstances, as well sectors that vary in strengths and weaknesses.

Five great European countries for starting a hospitality business

Every country has varying economic circumstances, as well sectors that vary in strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re looking to make waves in hospitality, then it’s best that you operate in countries that take the industry incredibly seriously. Some nations are more favourable than others in this regard, demonstrating qualities that are needed to save it from crippling pandemics and send it soaring to new heights when the hellscape is over.  

When narrowing down your options to Europe, which countries are best suited for hospitality endeavours? What makes them so appealing to the budding entrepreneur?

Here are 5 amazing European countries for starting a hospitality business. 


France is full of luxury, especially when it comes to Nice on the stunning French riviera on the south eastern coast.

While Paris is the obvious contender to situate a hospitality business, Nice slightly edges out the capital. After all, this stunning and elegant location is filled with the finest luxury hotels, boasting exquisite Mediterranean vibes and stunning views of the electric blue riviera. But how does this range of places to bed down help you in your endeavours? Well, because there are so many fine establishments, it proves that there is an appetite for tourism, and more tourism means more hospitality of all kinds.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great place to open a hospitality business, especially in cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Netherlands tourist board was recently flagging too many tourists. Last year, 42 million people were forecasted to visit the country, which had leapt up a staggering 18 million from the year prior. They were planning to wind down their tourism due to overcrowding concerns, but if a hospitality business were to situate itself in the middle of the chaos, profits would surely follow in time with so many heads looking to try everything places like Amsterdam have to offer.

However, to get set up you do need to know how to open a Dutch corporate account. Inco Business Group have all the guidance you need, detailing everything you must consider on their website. From arranging the social security numbers of board members to the lowdown of affiliated subsidiaries, they cover getting prepped for what is sure to otherwise be a smooth transition. If you need to open a Dutch corporate account, it has never been easier.


Italy is famed for stunning service, particularly where food and drink are concerned.

Think of all the Italian-themed restaurant chains that constantly please the masses. While it might seem preposterous to situate a business in the middle of all the high-end competition, this all proves that there is an appetite for this kind of hospitality. If Italian-themed brands are thriving in the UK, can you imagine how well Italian brands are doing in their homeland, with the access to such an exquisite talent pool?

Food isn’t just yum-yum in Italy – it’s art, extravagance, and character. You’d likely not want to go toe-to-toe with homegrown competitors when it comes to Italian food. However, if you focus instead on providing a food from another place and time, and provide it to the food connoisseurs of Italy, well… it’s a recipe for success! Hospitality is Italy’s bread and butter, so no matter what road you go down, you’re in good hands here.


A short trip from Italy across The Adriatic Sea, you’ll happen upon the magnificence of Montenegro, yet another European country with plenty of hospitality to offer.

Showcasing their potential, Montenegro recently launched a campaign focused on their tourism, detailing all the natural environments and scenery visitors could one day enjoy. There’s also a focus on taking pause from the digital world and enjoying the real-world moments more, which is an admirable message to send in these trying times.

Ultimately, the point here is that there’s a sense of initiative to be found in Montenegro. They’re being proactive in trying times, which is incredibly telling of a sector that will one day experience a huge resurgence after the virus has passed. Get the timing right in locating your hospitality in Montenegro, and you’ll be along for the ride to their eternal success.


Spain boasts gorgeous ocean views and sweeping Mediterranean sights, a perfect, exotic location for any hospitality business out there.  

In July, Spain managed to successfully reopen its borders and immerge from the first lockdown with all the correct hospitality measures in place, revealing a country and industry that is united, resolute, and determined in their endeavours. That kind of grit and determination from leaders can be just what business owners need to get the support and hope they invariably need.

After all, some countries have handled the coronavirus measures better than others. While everyone has been hard hit by the virus, Spain are one of the few countries that have made promising efforts in pushing on with effective preventive measures. Even after the coronavirus has subsided, that dedication will continue, and pave the way to a prosperous future for hospitality businesses forever more.  

Zoe Price
Zoe Price