Looking for a pet project?

Swedish pet food franchise, Husse has ambitions to become the UK market leader with an extensive network of franchisees and an already growing product rangeu2026

Looking for a pet project?

Swedish pet food franchise, Husse has ambitions to become the UK market leader with an extensive network of franchisees and an already growing product range…

When it comes to pet food, it is probably fair to say that the majority of pet owners don’t dwell too much on the exact nature of what it is that they are feeding their furry friends.

Indeed, even in this newly-aware era of veganism and non-meat options, quite a lot of humans try not to think too hard about the nature of the meat they themselves are eating. 

Swedish pet food franchise, Husse, does put some thought into it, however. A great deal as it turns out.

Husse pet food for cats and dogs is not merely the unspeakable bits that can’t be fed to humans, according to its MD, Majid Rajaby.

“Husse is about providing the healthiest lifestyle for the population’s pets regardless of their life stage or prior medical conditions,” he says. 

“We cut no corners in providing the highest quality products you can find on the market. Our unique Scandinavian recipe is 100 per cent natural with human grade ingredients and provides a taste unlike any your pet would have previously experienced. Husse is much more than simply a pet food supplier we are a team of pet nutritionists fully equipped to supply the perfect food for pets around the world.”

Husse is franchise opportunity that gives franchisees the chance to manage an entire territory on an exclusive basis. 

As Rajaby explains: “Franchisees can bring in distributors around the area in which they can branch out to promote the product and the services we provide. Husse is the definition of ‘being your own boss’ allowing complete control of the methods used to bring customers in. All our franchisees love animals with all attending markets and pet events to showcase the products while getting to meet our furry friends at the same time. Franchisees are also able to market online through social media platforms to increase their brand awareness 10 folds.

“We also help franchisees with the re-sell of their areas if needed with many franchisees retiring and selling the business on for profit.”


So what does a typical Husse franchisee look like?

Husse franchises come in all shapes and sizes, the main difference you will find in a Husse franchisee is the passion they have to provide the best for your pet. All our franchisees go above and beyond to help pet owners around their local area, helping with diet plans, training strategies and hosting knowledge stands to give out free nutritional advice.”

It is worth noting, however, that Husse also sells online directly, but  Rajaby says it is not a conflict with franchisee businesses.

“The online side of the business aligns itself perfectly with our franchisees,” he explains, “when an order is placed which falls into one of our franchise areas, that franchisee will receive email notification automatically and be informed about the order which will allow them to serve the customer as they would a customer they gained through direct contact. This is a feature of a business that worked extremely well throughout the pandemic when the restrictions meant our franchisees could not be as active in the local area to allow them to still gain more customers.

Here in the UK, we have just under 50 franchisees covering parts of Major cities and the countryside. Each franchisee has their exclusive area as mentioned previously with no one else able to sell Husse products in the same territory. We also have distributors, breeders and vets working alongside us to promote the brand.”

The firm aims to become the leading pet food and pet welfare brand in the UK, with a franchise in every area of the UK. So plans for growth are ambitious and franchisee recruitment key to those plans.

“Husse UK head office is a hard-working team made up of individuals who want what’s best for pets across the county. We want new franchisees to have this same ethos just like our existing franchisees to make their move into the Husse family seamless. Husse franchise availability can be found through our state-of-the-art web-shop alongside all the major franchise recruitment companies online. We also recruit through our existing franchisees as we find having neighbouring franchisees increases brand awareness and can allow for joint deliveries, shows and events and much more. 

When I think of how far Husse can grow in the UK I do see endless possibilities. There is currently 12.5 million dogs and 12.2 million cats living in England and Scotland, with more than 50 per cent of the households now owning a dog or cat, basically, every other house that our franchisees pass will have a customer they can sell to its remarkable. 

“Our goal is to continue growing the brand to the point of one day having every possible area being covered by a Husse franchise, distributor or affiliate providing not only our amazing product but also our fantastic nutritional service.”

Expansion plans also include new markets as well as increasing the number of franchises. The brand has recently branched into the horse market as well with a range of horse feed, care products and additives. 

“With the horse market, we see a lot of untapped potential with the room for a natural product supplier to really flourish! The addition of horse products is just another tool in the already comprehensive toolbox we at Husse UK are offering to our franchisees to give them further room to grow their business!”

Ronnie Dungan
Ronnie Dungan