Keeping heads above water – and swimming

With inflation and costs on the rise, embracing the use of franchise management software could allow franchise businesses not just to cope, but to thrive.

Keeping heads above water – and swimming

With inflation and costs on the rise, embracing the use of franchise management software could allow franchise businesses not just to cope, but to thrive.

The list of goods and services that have gone up in cost in recent weeks and months is seemingly endless and with providers and customers all feeling the pinch, many businesses are struggling to find ways to remain profitable whilst not losing customers who can’t afford a price hike.  

It can be difficult to find ways to economise without having to sacrifice quality or staff, but taking a look at finding efficiencies in the workflow can be a good place to start. Time is money, but what constitutes an ‘efficient’ workflow?

  1. Do the franchisor and their franchisees use an array of different software for admin tasks such as franchisee recruitment, scheduling, invoicing, completing orders, booking jobs and managing classes?
  2. Do these admin tasks all take up staff time, rather than being automated?
  3. Is there a lack of consistency, simplicity and transparency in the way day-to-day activity runs within the franchise and across the network?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then it’s likely that it’s being felt not only by those within the franchise, but by customers too. This is where effective management software comes in. There are countless ways it can improve business, but here are five of the best:

1. Automated processes to save time and money – for you and your customer

From invoicing and ordering stock, to appointment reminders and route planning, there are a host of ways that automated systems can take you away from admin so you can focus on business planning and serving your customers.

2. Consistency across a network

With all the network using the same system you’ll find everything you need to know in one place, making it much easier to adapt quickly to problems, share resources, and keep track of leads. By capturing all your data in one place, making efficient business decisions becomes straightforward and nothing is overlooked.

 3. Access information and documents from anywhere, on any device

Cloud-based management systems mean that not only can franchisees access all the information they need and log all the relevant data for a job from anywhere at any time, but franchisors can also keep track of key financial data, provide support and be alerted to problems at a moment’s notice allowing a more responsive and flexible approach.

 4. Simplified forecasting

If the uncertain times we are living through have shown us anything, it’s that being adaptable is the best way for a business to survive. A good management system can provide clear performance data, capture successes and failures and use this to produce up-to-date forecasts for effective planning. 

5. Reduced stress! 

Let’s face it, there’s enough of it around with the effects of a global pandemic. Easing the running of the working day and reducing uncertainty with improved processes and simple systems might just give franchise professionals the support they need to move forward and keep their business thriving in these difficult times. 

Having established that using franchise management software can be a transformative move, the next question becomes, are all systems created equal?

No two franchise businesses are the same. That means that no two franchise businesses will have exactly the same requirements when it comes to management systems. Find a system that can fit to your requirements, not the other way around. By choosing a tailor-made solution, you can ensure that the system has all the features you need to get the maximum efficiency out of your business, and pass that benefit on to your clients. 

Do you need additional modules to complement processes that you already have, or do you need a complete solution from the ground up? What’s the most pressing need for your business – is it an automated admin system, is it transparency of performance data, or is it managing issues with compliance and data protection? Looking for a flexible system will mean you can match the solution to your needs. 

So what does this all add up to? Ultimately, the benefits of effective management software are savings on time and money, allowing you to focus on building your franchise business and increasing income – happy franchise, happy customer. Don’t just tread water, find the current and swim. 

Mark Scott
Mark Scott