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Why global shipping logistics is one of the most lucrative businesses to get into

Written by Latifa Yedroudj on Wednesday, 06 October 2021. Posted in Interviews

Ben Kirby, Franchise Development Director for InXpress speaks to the EF10 Roadshow.

Britain’s leading franchisors, coaches and mentors gathered together for The HSBC Elite Franchise Top 10 Virtual Roadshow, giving tips, advice and guidance on what it takes to build a successful franchise.      

Ben Kirby, Franchise Development Director for InXpress started as a franchisee for the brand 14 years ago and spoke about his “no brainer” move into the global shipping logistics business. InXpress re-sells courier services to SMEs, allowing franchisees to profit from their customers who end up using the premium service. InXpress handles customer shipping requirements through partnerships with multiple transport companies that handle pick-up, deliveries and collections no matter the shipping volume. 

“InXpress is a really simple concept business,” Ben said. “We re-sell courier services to small and medium-sized businesses, so we get a big discount from the carriers and we share a portion of that discount with our customers. Our franchisees day to day responsibility is cold-calling. They’re going to go and speak to as many small and medium-sized businesses asking the questions, asking them if they use a carrier service and recommending the InXpress service. And our partners such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and others, are the ones that are going to go collect parcels on our behalf and deliver those parcels, they invoice InXpress for those shipments, and we then help our franchisees bill their customers for those shipments.” 

Franchises can generate profits in a residual income business, and InXpress has reported their top franchisee earning £200,000 a month with hiring less than 10 members of staff. “It’s a great business to be in because it’s a residual income business,” Ben said. “So, once you’ve found a customer and they’re shipping with you, you’re then on to the next customer while your existing ones are still using your service and making you money, so it’s a great passive income to develop. And it’s quite rewarding... We have franchisees earning up to £200,000 a month in profit from the business. And the reason why it's so rewarding financially is the industry that we’re in. You’ve got customers shipping hundreds of parcels a day, and making money on every single one of those shipments we have. So, the growth of this industry is just phenomenal.” 

InXpress reportedly grew in a 100% upward trajectory during the pandemic, with 96 franchise offices in the US and 94 franchises in the UK – with many of them being run home-based franchises. “In 2008 when there was a financial crash, we grew 100% as a business globally. In the recent pandemic, we’ve also grown. There’s been a cry out for carriers and shipments, and more and more businesses are operating online. And the real growth and expansion in our industry is through online sales. And people are sending more parcels domestically and around the world.”

Franchisees can work from home with just a laptop and phone while carriers do the heavy lifting work, and how much profit you make depends on your ability to put in the time and effort into establishing your business. “The great thing about this business is that you can work anywhere in the world,” Ben said. “I can be on holiday and monitor my business to see how it’s going. All you need is a phone and laptop, the money to buy the franchise, money to run the franchise and you can start from day one... It is scalable, there is no limit to what you can earn. The only limit is what you do, so this business really rewards those who work hard.”

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