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Omni Fight Club poised towards UK expansion

Written by Angus Shaw on Thursday, 22 March 2018. Posted in Franchise

Following huge successes in the UK’s fitness industry, yet another US franchise is taking a full-swing at the nation

Omni Fight Club poised towards UK expansion

With the UK fitness industry set to hit 7,000 gyms this year it is no wonder major franchises such as the UFC Gym have grappled with expansion into Blighty. And with a 9.7 million nationwide gym membership alive and kicking, you can easily see why another US franchise is taking a jab at making gains in the market.

Starting as a cardio-kickboxing experience under the strap line 'Fun Tough Fitness', Omni Fight Club, the US-based fitness franchise,  has rapidly expanded across the states through franchising. Now the fitness chain is sizing up more than 50 sites between 2,600 and 5,400 sq ft within densely populated and high employment areas across Britain, working alongside Savills, the estate agency. This manoeuvre comes after pinning down master franchisees within the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal as part of a major European roll out.

Commenting on the new plan, Sean Philips, CEO of Omni Fight Club Europe, said: “We will continue to grow our signature HEROES program through which we celebrate and reward veterans and active military personnel, first responders and the unsung heroes of the nursing and teaching professions along with their families. We are thrilled to be launching our European expansion in the UK.”

Given the UK’s fitness industry is predicted to break several milestones this year from possessing a 10 million strong membership to a £5bn market value, Omni Fight Club’s swing at the UK may prove to be a knockout. And contrary to the fight club made famous by David Fincher's film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, this one doesn’t have any rules against members talking about it.

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Angus Shaw

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