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The Hot Dog Pizza: Papa John’s and Heinz team up

Written by Louisa Cook on Thursday, 23 May 2019. Posted in Franchise

Papa John’s releases its first Heinz tomato ketchup-based pizza as well as a vegan substitute

The Hot Dog Pizza: Papa John’s and Heinz team up

While we’ve seen franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King go head to head over the years, it’s also possible for franchisors to collaborate with other businesses to create innovative new projects. Pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s and food brand Heinz joined forces to create a culinary mashup.   

The team-up has resulted in the launch of the Hot Dog Pizza on Wednesday May 15. Paying homage to a classic hot dog serving, Papa John’s has swapped its original tomato sauce for a Heinz tomato ketchup base. The Hot Dog Pizza also includes Frankfurter sausages, onions, mozzarella and Heinz yellow mustard.

The pizza is also available as a vegan option, known as the Vegan Hot Dog. This push was hardly surprising given Papa John’s launched its vegan menu on Monday January 28 after nearly 30,000 signed a petition to force the franchise to introduce vegan cheese to its pies. The franchisor claims the Vegan Hot Dog pizza makes it the first UK pizza chain to provide a vegan meat substitute.

Commenting on the launch of the Hot Dog Pizza and Vegan Hot Dog, Giles Codd, UK managing director of Papa John’s, said: “We’re excited to launch our latest partnership with one of the nation’s best loved brands and use its iconic Heinz tomato ketchup as the base of our newest pizza. Ingredient innovation is at the heart of our menu and we have worked hard to ensure The Hot Dog is the perfect combination of each flavour. We’re confident pizza lovers and hot dog fans will be woofing it down in no time.”

However, Papa John’s is hardly the first the pizza franchise to incorporate hot dogs in its servings. Back in 2012, Pizza Hut UK introduced a pizza with a hot dog-stuffed crust. The response was divided to say the least. While Time Magazine lamented that “Britain is one step ahead of [the US] in the heart-attack-in-a-box department,” The Guardian’s Oliver Thring simply stated that it was “delicious.”

Nevertheless, two iconic food companies like Papa John’s and Heinz combining their flavours, the new pizzas could be a smash with meat lovers and vegans alike. Time will tell.

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Louisa Cook

Louisa Cook

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