A sales hattrick, a day on the Thames and all hands-on deck…

After a very successful couple of months, we could see July would continue the trend and are delighted to have broken yet another sales target

A sales hattrick

“After a very successful couple of months, we could see July would continue the trend and are delighted to have broken yet another sales target giving us a hattrick of record sales months and a well-deserved boost for the team after what’s been the busiest period we’ve ever experienced. 

July brought along another heavy workload which meant all hands-on deck. After reviewing our production and installation processes, we talked with the team about how we could work smarter and the small changes we made, plus the cross-set of skills amongst our team has allowed us all to get involved, get the job done and meet our clients’ expectations. 

We are seeing plenty of repeat business from our loyal customers, and it’s great to see people coming back time and time again after a job well done! This month we’ve delivered a fantastic project at Mole Business Park in Leatherhead which saw us create and install a range of post and panel signs along with totems, offering the perfect directional solution along with clear brand presence on the business park. After seeing the finished solution, it was great to receive the clients positive feedback and has led to new project opportunities.

Tracking our expansion ‘spoke’ Battersea, there’s still a way to go but we’ve been pushing more on the marketing front and we’re delighted to see this translate into strong sales for June and July. We’re being more consistent in our approach and the activities we undertake and I’m quietly confident this will carry through to August and will help us attain our first year’s sales target.

Looking back at July it’s evident that being part of the Signs Express network offers many benefits and working together has allowed us to achieve what we promised our clients. After a really busy period, the Signs Express Summer Social came at the perfect time with all the team spending the evening at the Pier bar on the banks of the Thames with our friends over at the Franchise Support Centre, along with our fellow franchisees. We were blessed with a lovely summers evening which saw us let our hair down and celebrate all of our hard work over the past few months.

Looking into the second half of August, the work very much continues to flow although I’m not sure we’ll be hitting a record fourth consecutive month as naturally it’s a slower sales month across the board as summer holidays take off. However, we’ve got lots of surveys underway for key customers including rebrand projects, a large window graphic project plus more work for one of our key customers Xeinadin. The work continues…. and fingers crossed we’ll have landed more big projects by my next entry!”

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James Coetzer
James Coetzer