How to maximise organic reach: Save money and boost trust

Expanding your business's social media following organically (unpaid) is more achievable and cost-effective than you might think

How to maximise organic reach: Save money and boost trust

As much as it requires consistency and patience, maintaining a steady presence on social media can cut down unnecessary advertising expenses. 

Building a natural relationship with your social media audience isn’t always effortless, but it can become second nature. Consistently posting on social media demonstrates your dedication not only to producing content but also to engaging with your audience and their interests.

Repetitive posting aids in etching your branding into the audience’s memory. Even if they miss your initial post of the week, chances are they’ll come across the second or third. By elevating your visibility, AKA free and recurring marketing – you can transform post views and clicks into sales! You can even post the same content a few times as long as you leave a few weeks in between. 

Ultimately you want to trigger the platforms algorithm to extend your reach, but this is such a black art you are better off concentrating on posting educational or entertaining content and also empowering franchisees to do the same.

The golden rule of any content still remains. Don’t forget to ask: Is it providing value to an audience? Value can be in the form of knowledge or entertainment. If the answer is no, then don’t post. 

Currently there are many opportunities for organic reach using video posts. Popular platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels facilitate substantial organic reach for video content, particularly when viewers interact with and engage in the videos.

Posting regular ‘how-to’ videos or offering advice and insights to your intended audience proves to be an excellent approach, offering an alternative to advertising from mere product promotion.

Tools like ShoutOut and Capcut make it even easier to regularly create social videos. With ShoutOut you can even add your logo and custom branding then automatically create a branded video with subtitles from a video clip you recorded on a phone.

It’s recommended to think of video posts as episodic series, akin to TV or streaming platforms. Create your content’s identity and produce multiple pieces of content in that style. The identity includes branding, camera angles, colours, logos or titles such as ‘Marketing tips’ or ‘how to build a better mousetrap’.

Dan Gable
Dan Gable