The power of industry exhibitions and events: Supercharging your career development

A key aspect of leadership is encouraging your team to invest some of their time in professional and personal development

The power of industry exhibitions and events: Supercharging your career development

Giving your franchisees and your head office team the opportunity to rub shoulders with industry experts is one of the ways to help them contribute their informed opinions to important conversations.

They can do this by attending industry events and exhibitions which should be at the forefront of your career development strategies. Attendence is also  a great way to supercharge your own career development and learn from the best.

Learning from the best

Industry exhibitions and events serve as a goldmine of knowledge, where experts, thought leaders, and innovators converge to share their experiences and insights. Attending seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches allows you to stay at the cutting edge of industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices.

Showcasing your expertise and building confidence:

Participating in industry exhibitions and events can also be a chance to showcase your skills and knowledge. Encouraging franchisees to speak at these events and give their unique experiences as business owners not only improves the conversation but it helps them build confidence as business owners too, reminding them that they are also leaders and experts in the sector.

Stepping out of your comfort zone to attend industry exhibitions and events can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth. Engaging in conversations with industry peers, presenting your ideas, and navigating unfamiliar settings can boost your self-confidence and interpersonal skills. Over time, these experiences contribute to your overall professional development and can positively impact various aspects of your career.

At a recent Care Managers Show, Tiffany Meachim, Franchisee and Managing Director of Walfinch Mansfield, joined two panel discussions to talk about rostering and managing a team of carers. This not only positioned our network as experts in the field, but it gives our franchisees the confidence in their own abilities to be successful leaders in business too.

Keeping a pulse on market dynamics

As leaders, it’s important to create other leaders in your team. One way of doing this is to make sure you immerse your teams in environments where they are some of the first to know about new technologies, regulations, and consumer preferences reshaping the landscape. Attending exhibitions and events keeps you updated on these changes, enabling you to adapt your skills and strategies accordingly. By staying informed, you remain agile and prepared to engage with emerging opportunities or tackle challenges head-on, making you an invaluable asset in business.

At a recent care show, Julie Farrow, Senior Franchise Support Manager at Walfinch, joined me on a panel discussion about recruitment and retention strategies. We were also joined by Neil Eastwood who owns Care Friends which is an app allowing carers to refer their friends for a job. Sitting alongside new technologies and initiatives like this is a great way to grow your own perspective and develop informed opinions on industry trends, not just for business owners, but for senior staff members too.

Investing your time in industry events and encouraging your franchisees and your staff to do the same is a great way to keep everyone at the forefront of what’s happening in your sector. Encouraging your franchisees and staff to invest in their personal and professional development is also great for retention as you’re making them into leaders.

Amrit Dhaliwal
Amrit Dhaliwal