Gearing up for Q4

Autumn seems to be fully upon us and has brought with it a flurry of work for September, through to October and beyond, with a healthy looking WIP (Work in Progress) report

Gearing up for Q4

We’ve definitely seen the positive bounce back from the back end of the summer months across both Twickenham and Battersea, leaving us in a great position as we enter Q4.

Sales for September ended on a high note, with a good mix of work, a healthy quote log for both Twickenham and Battersea, along with an improvement in margins.  As a result of our marketing and sales strategies aligning, months of proactive marketing alongside sales and territory analysis and ensuring we have the capabilities to create core projects in house, it’s a great result all round and fantastic to see our hard work paying off.

Last month I talked about our newest recruit Leo settling into the team, which has since naturally seen him gravitate towards supporting our production and design areas of the business, which works perfectly with our team dynamic and has allowed us to better service our ever-growing order book! We were also busy recruiting for a Marketing Executive to help align our sales and marketing activity, (specifically at a more local level) and I’m pleased to say that Burcu will be joining us on 6th November to complete our team (for the time being)! 

In terms of work, this month saw us complete another project for key customer Xeinadin which allowed us to collaborate with our fantastic colleagues over at Signs Express (Mullingar), completing an installation in Dublin. It’s great being able to deliver projects all over the UK and Ireland thanks to our neighbouring centres, with over 60 locations, we’re well placed to support our customers at a local level.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), I wasn’t able to make it to the Print Show as we were snowed under with work, however in the last few weeks I was delighted to attend the Nelson’s Journey Charity Ball in Norfolk, with my colleagues at the Franchise Support Centre, it was a great evening and fantastic to be able to support such a worthwhile charity. I also attended the recent UK Graphics Awards in Birmingham which provided a great networking opportunity and also, we were proud to see Signs Express (Central Lancashire) take Silver in the Leisure and Hospitality category!

We’ve also been busy focusing our efforts on our eco credentials of late, which has seen us trialling and testing more PVC-free materials, allowing us to look at more sustainable alternatives and methods. Working with Reconomy, a leading sustainable waste and resource management company, we’re also ensuring that we meet our eco-commitments and play our part by fine-tuning our waste management process by removing all backing paper from digital and print vinyl, to ensure this can all be recycled which is a step in the right direction. Overall, it’s been a busy but exciting month and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings!

If this sounds like an exciting industry and engaging working environment to you, we’re currently looking for experienced business individuals to join our award-winning network. With opportunities to join us via our established resale opportunities or our prime location start-up sites, why not get in touch to find out more? Check out our website today and please do get in touch:

James Coetzer
James Coetzer