ActionCOACH team-up with Amazon Prime Video to launch five-part business series

The world's foremost business coaching franchise offers advice to UK companies on how to overcome every day challenges during these treacherous economic times.

ActionCOACH team-up with Amazon Prime Video to launch five-part business series

ActionCOACH UK, in conjunction with Amazon Prime Video, have just released a fascinating five-part series titled Business As Unusual.

Within these five episodes ActionCOACH, and eight of their clients, highlight many of the challenges which companies in the UK have had to deal with in recent years – including the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

The five episodes are between 42 and 45 minutes in length, and are narrated by actress Phyllis Logan who, during her illustrious career, has starred in such UK classics as Lovejoy and Downton Abbey.

During the series, business owners navigate their way through one of the most unpredictable periods in modern history. And, as their journey progresses, they each receive expert business advice from members of the ActionCOACH team. The series starts at the onset of the pandemic, when company owners faced some of the toughest business conditions in living memory.

All scenarios are real, with some seemingly impossible situations for companies to escape from. One such example follows a young couple who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams of owning and running a bar on Barry Island in Wales – after starting their business just before the first lockdown was imposed.

Julie Wagstaff, managing director of ActionCOACH UK, explains: “Right now, nine out of 10 business owners don’t even know about business coaching and how it works. Our team of over 200 coaches across the UK are helping business owners day-in and day-out. This new series on Prime Video lifts the lid on our proven business systems.

“So, tune in to discover whether the animal sanctuary – which is struggling to attract donations – survives through lockdown, along with our advice and guidance for seven other businesses.

“This series is perfect for anyone thinking of becoming a business owner. It will help them to understand the mindset needed during times of crisis. For those already fully immersed in business ownership, this series will also be helpful. I’m sure they will recognise parallels to many of the situations they will have faced, and not just during the pandemic, but also on a daily basis.”

The eight companies that appear in the series are:

NOCO Hair (Bristol);

Inside Travel Group (Bristol);

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary (Ormskirk);

Ruby & Daisy (Rossendale);

Integrity Cleaning (London);

MAES London (London);

Craft Republic (Barry);

Tiny Wizard (Abergavenny).

Episode titles

1 Plans: Meet the people behind a variety of businesses across the UK, on various stages of their journey, with all of them seeking help from expert coaches.

2 Change: The pandemic has arrived and every business has had the rug pulled from under their feet. The coaches guide businesses through one of the most uncertain and emotionally-trying periods in modern history.

3 Re-emerge: Post-pandemic, following a lengthy lockdown. Businesses must find their feet in a brave new world.

4 Survive: Expansion is on the horizon as businesses search for new opportunities.

5 Thrive: Business is booming, as intrepid entrepreneurs expand their offerings, take on new clients and look to cement their futures.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales