Tackling mental health for franchisor and franchisees

Since the pandemic, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has become a top priority for business owners.

Tackling mental health for franchisor and franchisees

Since the pandemic, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has become a top priority for business owners. Supporting people in this respect is now an essential part of a franchisor’s roles and responsibilities. However, there has been little-to-no tangible help available for forward-thinking brands keen to make an impact and tackle the crisis head on. Until now.

Jen Chapman-Boffin has a longstanding and respected position in the franchise industry. A passionate mental health advocate and certified Mental Health First Aid consultant, Jen is now supporting franchisors to empower both their own teams and their networks with emotional resilience, self-awareness and stress management tools. All key skills that have a direct impact on business ownership, longevity and success. Jen’s business, Cinder Ltd, offers practical, effective and compassionate Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training for franchisors and franchisees.

“At least 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem of some kind each year in England alone,” explains Jen. “That means over 177,000 of people currently employed in franchising will be affected resulting in the loss of more than 15 million working days every year – a devastating loss for franchisors and franchisees alike.”

Founded in direct response to the mental health crisis that continues to shake the core of UK franchising in the wake of the pandemic, the Cinder theory is simple but proven. Franchisees who are more self-aware, emotionally resilient and able to cope with daily life stressors are likely to be more effective business owners. They become less reliant on external support, adopt a more positive mindset and have the confidence and ability to lead their businesses and their teams to success.

All Cinder instructors are fully accredited through MHFA England, the only mental health training currently recognised and endorsed by the Department of Health. A fully trained MHFA consultant herself, Jen is passionate about delivering a truly empathetic service which is standards-led and results driven. Her extensive background in franchising has seen her working closely with franchisees, franchisors and most recently, within the British Franchise Association. This unique 360 perspective allows Jen to understand and navigate the nuances and complexities of relationships within the industry. Courses are tailored to address brand-specific challenges as well as key goals and aspirations of participants.

“I’ve been working alongside mental health professionals my whole life – my parents were both in the industry and my husband is a Mental Health Nurse. The value and the importance of work in this area is often overlooked. It’s our mission at Cinder to champion strength from within and break down boundaries and taboos still associated with mental health in the workplace. Brands who choose to engage with our services are future proofing their networks and sending a clear signal to franchisees new and old about the true meaning of success,” adds Jen.

Ideally packaged to slot seamlessly into initial franchisee training programmes, Cinder courses equip new franchisees with important foundational skills on which to build their business. As well as initial franchisee training, Cinder offers bespoke workshops for established networks, 121 coaching sessions, conference packages and keynote presentations. Already in demand with franchisors of all shapes and sizes, courses are fully booked throughout October. The next available training dates are 8th and 15th November. Contact Jen Chapman-Boffin on [email protected] for more information.

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