Canopy celebrates the first birthday of its first franchise

As Canopy marks its first year of nurturing children and supporting families, Sagar and Rinu describe how they became the first franchisees for a new franchise

Canopy celebrates the first birthday of its first franchise

Husband-and-wife team, Sagar and Rinu, are celebrating the first birthday of their state-of-the-art new build nursery in the heart of Wembley Park, one of London’s most exciting and vibrant new neighbourhoods.

As children and parents are welcomed to their birthday party, Rinu reflects on the community and the business they have built over the last 12 months.

“I now have the nursery of my dreams – a beautiful environment for young children in the heart of this busy, diverse community.  Supporting my talented team of staff as they nurture and educate the children and building relationships with their families is so satisfying – I love it!”

A fundamental benefit of franchising is that a franchisee is following an established system with a proven business model.  So, what was it about Canopy that made Sagar and Rinu feel so confident that this was the right franchise for them?

“Our research into the world of franchising had already identified Sarah’s team as one that we wanted to work with.  So, when we heard that they were launching the Canopy Nursery franchise, we didn’t hesitate… And were thrilled to become the first Canopy franchisees opening the first Canopy Children’s Nursery”

The Right Choice

Considering this in more detail, it becomes clear that there were a number of factors which came together to reassure the couple that they were making the right choice:

Firstly, the Canopy brand, values and ethos resonated with them.

Sarah Charles, founder of Canopy Children’s Nurseries, describes Canopy as a fresh, new nursery concept which nurtures a unique ecosystem for babies and young children to grow, learn and thrive.  She describes the Canopy child-led approach to early years education as

“Creating rich environments where our unique pedagogy, ‘The Canopy Code’ can be delivered in a highly engaging way. 

“Curious explorers, confident communicators, independent learners and inquisitive thinkers are the life skills, attitudes and behaviours we want to nurture in our children, alongside the core EYFS curriculum”.

Whilst each nursery is an entirely child-centred environment, Sarah describes how Canopy has been developed with the needs of parents as the forefront of her mind; “We listen to our customers and understand the many challenges facing today’s parents as they juggle the many demands on their time.  We work to build strong relationships with parents where they are involved and listened to. Not only is this fundamental in understanding their children but it also brings more harmony to family life.”

Franchisor Credentials

This leads us on to the second important reassuring factor; the credentials of the franchisor.

The Canopy team bring a wealth of experience to the business, having run both nurseries and a franchise network.  Sarah has a long career as a childcare provider, still owning a successful, highly regarded nursery in Solihull, and she founded Fun Fest Holiday Club in 2014 which she subsequently franchised in 2017.   Since then Fun Fest has grown steadily into a network of more than 30 clubs across the country.

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