Caremark tops 140 home-care franchise offices

With more than 140 offices throughout the UK and Ireland, Caremark is improving the lives of well over eight-thousand customers on a daily basis!

Caremark tops 140 home-care franchise offices

With more than 140 offices throughout the UK and Ireland, Caremark is improving the lives of well over eight-thousand customers on a daily basis!  That’s 8,000+ people who are receiving home-care, the Caremark way, thanks to their extensive network of franchise owners.  

What made 140 entrepreneurs choose Caremark?

When talking to existing Caremark franchise owners, the list becomes quite exhaustive, but there are common themes: support and training, proven business-model, low-risk, excellent financial return and altruism by improving the lives of others, are just a few.  

Support and training 

Every new Caremark franchise owner is enrolled onto an in-depth, 9-month, high-performance leaders programme which is accredited by the Institute of Leaders.  This programme sets their owners up for success right from day one.  Here’s what one franchise owner says about the programme: 

“A thought-provoking programme that has it all – ideas, learning, sharing experiences and finding the best solutions for positive outcomes for individuals and the business.  Learning about yourself, and how to best to handle positive and difficult situations. Invaluable!”
Mark Thompson, Caremark Lewes & Wealden North

The ongoing support, the company says ‘is second to none!’  With 40 full-time employees at the Franchise Support Centre, the support on a daily basis is excellent.  The ratio of support staff to franchise owners is exceptional and this means continual and ongoing support for the franchise owners is bespoke, regular and responsive. Each team is headed by experts in their field and with experience in the care industry.  

Daniel & Kris Caremark Office

Proven business model 

With Caremark in its 19th year, the business model is proven to work!  Successful franchise owners are testament that.  The Caremark Franchise Support Centre team continually adapt, hone and perfect their business model and operations manual to ensure they are always abreast of new industry developments and maximising all opportunities.  

Due to the long-standing success of the company, all financial data is factual and not based on projections.  This means that when turnover and net operating profits are spoken about, it’s real-life examples and not assumptions.   

A low risk business proposition 

A low-risk opportunity is a key factor when starting out in business and generally speaking, investing in a franchise is a much safer bet that going it alone.  With Caremark, this risk is even lower!  With such a long-history and a such a high number of franchise owners enjoying incredible success, Caremark’s success rate is exceptional.  

A key component in this success is the brand name.  The brand is recognised in all markets across the care industry, meaning business opportunities are not limited.  In addition, the support structure from the franchise support centre and the networking opportunities are invaluable when starting a new business venture.   

Franchise owner, Dev Amin of Caremark Surrey and Rushmoor Heath says: 

“The support from the Franchise Support Centre is exceptional. I have been getting constant support from the team as and when needed, both ongoing and daily interactions, but particularly from the rostering team and my Regional Support Manager.”

Excellent financial return 

It goes without saying that when people invest in a franchise, they need to see excellent financial return.  Caremark franchise owners, with dedication and commitment to their business, can see multi-million pound turnovers.  In fact, Caremark’s top 5 businesses turnover between £3-9m per annum.  Caremark can also demonstrate that a £1m t/o within three years is possible.  

“Watching the bank account grow is just a fantastic feeling.  Anyone that doesn’t tell you that, shouldn’t be running their own business!”
Rob Johnstone, Caremark Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire

Caremark Hillingdon

Altruism and feel-good factor 

But for many Caremark franchise owners, the excellent financial rewards are not the only reason they’re in this business.  Often, potential owners see the immense feel-good factor of running a home care business.  Improving lives of so many in the local community is something you don’t get in other industries!  In addition, Caremark businesses are providing excellent employment opportunities for local people.   

“Doing great work in your community while running your own profitable business ticks all the boxes.  I’ve not got a single regret. I’m really glad I went with Caremark. It’s been a remarkable journey.”
Barney Davis, Caremark Warwick

In summary, a Caremark franchise sounds like the perfect opportunity to mix entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and a drive to do-good, for incredible financial and personal rewards! 

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