Elite Franchise – going global in 2024!

Renowned as the quintessential hub for British franchising, Elite Franchise has been the trailblazer in fostering lucrative investments across the industry.

Elite Franchise – going global in 2024!

In a momentous development, Scott English, Director, bids adieu to the UK operations to spearhead the brand’s global outreach. Stepping into his shoes are two exceptional leaders, poised to perpetuate the platform’s growth on UK soil.

Jodie Marsh, a seasoned professional with a thriving career in senior roles with household names such as Yell and CheckATrade, alongside extensive experience in the franchising sector, assumes the role of Commercial Director. Tasked with overseeing overall operations, Jodie now heads Elite Franchise online in the UK and presides over the HSBC Elite Franchise Top 100 (EF100) UK Awards.

“I’m delighted to continue my career with Elite, having joined as Senior Commercial Manager last year,” explained Jodie. “Building on my varied experience, my aim is to drive innovation and excellence, responding to the needs of franchisees and franchisors alike. Elite Franchise is a trusted and credible asset to the sector, valued by those looking to educate themselves on the nuances of franchising. My plan is to ensure as many British entrepreneurs as possible have sight of our platform. I’m excited to embark on this new challenge and look forward to leading our dedicated and motivated team in this new era.”

Scott English – who has been at the forefront of the media group for more than a decade – now leads the group in its pursuit of global presence, as Global Brand Director. Focussing on taking the Elite brand to international markets, Scott will bid a warm farewell to his valued partners and peers at the annual EF100 awards ceremony on the 14th of March.

“It’s been an honour to work alongside some of the greatest minds in UK franchising for the last 11 years. Having supported thousands of prospects to make an investment in their futures, I know that the work I have done alongside our wonderful editorial and commercial team in the UK has been of value. As I focus on other projects overseas, I look forward to establishing the same strong presence that we have here. Jodie is a wonderful asset to our group and I have every faith that her dynamic attitude will continue to drive Elite Franchise forward,” said Scott.

And the exciting news does not stop there! Franchise marketing specialist, Laura Hill, joins Jodie and the team as Chief Marketing Officer of Elite Franchise in the UK. Hitting the ground in early March, Laura is thrilled to embark on this new challenge.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Elite team,” said Laura. “I’m excited to begin sharing my passion and skills to bring new innovations and contribute to Elite’s continued growth and success.”

With both established and new talent reinforcing the growth of the Elite Franchise group, 2024 is set to be a valuable turning point for Jodie, Laura and the UK team. And as Elite Franchise is taken overseas, the platform will set the franchising sector alight in key international markets before the year is out.

For all enquires relating to EF100 and Elite Franchise Online UK please contact Jodie on 07391 058844 or email [email protected].

Lucy Archer
Lucy Archer