Fresh faces: Introducing the rising stars of UK franchising

From filmmaker James Cameron's company to funeral homes, there is seemingly no lack of diversity among the new franchises setting up in the UK MUSE Global

Fresh faces: Introducing the rising stars of UK franchising

MUSE Global

Few franchises can brag about having an Academy Awards-winning filmmaker as one of its co-founders. But then again, MUSE Global isn’t like most franchises. Founded in 2005 by Avatar creator James Cameron, his wife Suzy Amis Cameron and her sister Rebecca Amis, the franchise offers parents an alternative approach to early childhood education. “MUSE began because I wanted a genuine educational experience for my children that nurtured their passions and truly engaged their curiosities,” says Amis Cameron. Teaming up with her sister and the Terminator director, the former The Usual Suspects actress-turned-entrepreneur created an educational system offered in sustainable campuses.”

In December 2018, the franchisors decided to take the next step. “We’ve always dreamed of offering this amazing programme to children around the world and now we can through our franchise opportunities,” she continues. One of the places MUSE Global is searching for prospective franchisees is the UK. The company is looking to partner up with people who are passionate about teaching kids core academics whilst also educating them about the environment. “[As] the MUSE family grows, we’ll be able to impact even more children around the world and create positive change for our communities – and the planet – through meaningful and engaging education,” states Amis.”

So while Cameron may be famous for dystopian movies like Aliens and Terminator: Judgement Day, the franchise he helped build is envisioning a brighter future and is actively working on making it happen.


From finding clients to spreading the word about the enterprise, running a rural business is filled with challenges. Fortunately, Konzepts was launched to help raise the profile of more remote enterprises. Founded in 2016, the company assists SMEs by boosting their reach across social media platforms. Founder Sue Harbottle-Sear incorporated the company in December 2017 in preparation to become a franchisor. Having launched its franchise at the end of January 2019, Konzepts has the ambition of appointing at least six franchisees this year. But it’s not stopping there. Over the next five years Harbottle-Sear envisions that the franchise will have roughly 40 franchisees across the UK. And once the network has reached between ten and 15 franchisees in the UK, it will start to offer international master franchises across the world. What’s not to like?


Taking charge of your company’s utility costs can be challenging. And that’s where Utility360 comes in. Having first seen the light of day in 2010, the Cheshire-based enterprise helps businesses of all sizes manage their utility costs in a variety of ways – from helping clients understand their bills to renegotiating new terms with providers. Recognising the opportunity of franchising the company in 2018, the company signed up its first franchisee in March 2019. Now Utility360 aims to grow the network to between 30 and 50 franchisees over the next five years, with an ambition to eventually have 100 franchisees in total. So if you’re looking for a franchise with some huge aspirations, Utility360 fits the bill.”

Funerals by Design

Everybody dies. This fact is the reason why Funerals by Design can accurately say that “everyone alive needs a funeral service at some point.” The company was launched in 2016 by Lawrence Laidlow. “I set the company up after my mother decided to buy a [funeral] plan,” he reveals. “She thought it would be a good idea for me to enter into this realm of business.” Since then he’s developed the company to cover the pre-paid funeral plans offered by the entire market. “The big difference is that we are completely independent and offer the plan which best suits the customers needs,” Laidlow argues. “Not trying to shoehorn the customer into a plan which may not be best for them. We will also assist clients in creating the funeral they really desire, this has included plans to” use a horse drawn carriage, motorcycle hearse and even burying a man in a vintage Volvo.”

In April 2019, he decided that it was time to franchise the business. “The reason I wanted to” franchise is because the UK is in the depths of a funeral poverty trap and most people cannot afford to bury a loved one at today’s service costs,” Laidlow explains. While the company is just out of the blocks, the new franchisor hopes to create 300 franchisees in the next few years.” With 58 million potential customers in the UK alone, Funerals by Design isn’t going to run out of clients anytime soon. Can you dig it?”

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson