Housekeeping franchise to see 1,000 jobs with five new franchisees

Bright & Beautiful drew initiates from a range of backgrounds including a Co-op worker, an account director and a jewellery business owner

Housekeeping franchise to see 1

With the Brexit cloud looming, generating jobs is front and centre to proving Britain’s worth. And given the expansive potential of franchisees, franchises must step up to the plate. Luckily, Bright & Beautiful, the domestic housekeeping service, has ambitious employment goals after recruiting five new franchisees.

In a bid to generate 500 jobs by 2021 and double its staff to 1,000, Bright & Beautiful took on Charmaine Nicholson in Wolverhampton following her 20 years in retail. In Elstree and Boreham Lara Haastrup signed up to join the franchise after 15 years in house management and running her own jewellery business and Angie Wildgoose has become Chesterfield’s newest franchisee. Prior to joining the network she owned a baby and maternity clothing company. Additionally, husband and wife team Shane and Thatdao Wakefield, who until recently ran their own retail business, has opened shop in Greenwich. The list of new entrants was rounded up by another happy couple: Robyn and Jay Gurney in Broxbourne, who respectively worked as a teacher and as an account director.

As well as now tallying 57 franchisees, Bright & Beautiful has smashed several milestones since the founder Rachel Ray sold the company to Dwyer Group, the home service brand, in 2017. For instance, the company’s turnover has jumped by £1m since the acquisition.

Commenting on the success Sue Moore, president and managing director of Bright & Beautiful, said: “As a business we have grown consistently in size and turnover since 2007, something we know is directly attributable to the incredible calibre, commitment and achievement of our franchisees.

“”Domestic housekeeping services continue to be a high growth sector, both in the UK and globally and we present a highly attractive career option for the women, men and couples that are joining us as franchisees every month. Particularly since we became part of the Dwyer Group, with the wider support, expertise and resources that has given us and our team.””

If more franchises follow in Bright & Beautiful’s footsteps the future certainly looks bright for Britain’s already high employment levels.”

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw