Papa John’s plans to help franchises – new supply chain director promises more returns for franchisees

Papa John’s plans to help franchises – new supply chain director promises more returns for franchisees

The fast-food franchise is renowned for its quality approach to pizzas with its catch phrase “Better ingredients. Better Pizza,” at the forefront of its company motto.

With its ever-expanding franchise operators around the world, the pizza hub has now appointed a new UK supply chain director to facilitate its growth in Britain and help franchisees gain the most out of their business.

Robert Taylor will be joining the Papa John’s UK team, and aims to create a “lucrative financial model” for all franchisees and drive sales without compromising on the quality of pizzas.

“Up until now, the Papa John’s team has managed the supply chain as part of a bigger geographical area which included Russia, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.  As the company has grown, it has become necessary to have a dedicated regional resource to maximise opportunities and help franchisees grow their businesses in the UK,” Mr Taylor said.

The business mogul hopes to deliver a cost-savings approach to Papa John’s franchises, with plans to revamp the store model and help franchises get the bang for their buck.

“My remit is wide reaching and I will be looking at all aspects of the store model and corporate organisation to deliver cost savings and efficiencies which can help to strengthen the Papa John’s franchise model & therefore our franchisees bottom line and ROI (return of investment),” he added.

Robert Taylor has over 20 years of experience in the food service industry having previously worked at Pizza Hut and dessert eatery Creams Café, building its base from scratch.

“I am excited to be joining Papa John’s at this time in the company’s development.  It is a fantastic opportunity to influence the growth of an international brand to help the company and its franchisees build on what has been achieved so far and facilitate the company’s future expansion,” Mr Taylor said.

During his time at Pizza Hut, Mr Taylor was responsible for 70% of product lines with the supply chain, delivering benefits, improving margins and ROI.

He also helped kickstart Creams Café’s logistics system, helping the company’s cost of sales benefits increase, strengthening their existing business model and improving their current services.

Creams Café has since expanded from 29 to over 90 stores.

Papa John’s has over 5,199 stores nationwide – 4,456 of which are franchises operating in all 50 US states and 44 other countries.

Latifa Yedroudj
Latifa Yedroudj