Screen Test For TaxAssist Accountants

Coming to a TV near you! In a bid to recruit new franchisees, East Anglian-based TaxAssist Accountants are hoping to impress a television audience.

Screen Test For TaxAssist Accountants

TaxAssist Accountants are taking the unusual step of using TV advertising to try and extend their franchise brand.

The Norwich-based company believe they ‘may even be the first franchise’ in the UK to reach out to television to publicise their business.

The aim of these recently-recorded adverts, which will hit the screen in the autumn of this year, is to recruit new franchisees.

Founded in 1995, TaxAssist Accountants are hoping the adverts will spark interest in regions where they have vacancies for franchises.

According to the company, the recently filmed commercial will be broadcast between September and November, across Leeds, Coventry and Ipswich.

Karl Sandall, Group Chief Executive Director of The TaxAssist Group said: “We are very excited to be launching our new TV advert, as we believe we may be the first franchise to use this medium to reach out to potential new franchisees, both in the UK or elsewhere. TaxAssist Accountants is continuing its tradition of breaking the mould.