The benefits of a cohesive marketing plan for franchise networks

Discover how a unified marketing strategy can enhance brand consistency, boost efficiency and drive success across franchise networks

The benefits of a cohesive marketing plan

Having been involved in franchise marketing for over a decade, there’s one thing I am certain of. That is that it’s no surprise that practically every franchise network offers some kind of marketing support for its franchisees.

Franchisors know that brand consistency across their locations is a key driver of their growth. And franchisees know that they can take advantage of economies of scale in their marketing efforts. But without a cohesive marketing plan, such networks are doomed to fail.

That’s why it’s important to touch on cohesive marketing in franchising and what its benefits are. This way, franchisors can leverage the full power of digital marketing for your brand’s success.

Understanding cohesive marketing in franchising

So, what is cohesive franchise marketing?

Franchises by their very nature involve networks of like-minded individuals that operate the business in a specific location. Customers have come to know and love your products and/or services and expect the same levels of customer care and attention from every “branch” in the network.

Any deviations from these standards and a franchisor is dealing with brand dilution. To counter this problem, a cohesive marketing plan in franchising focuses on achieving brand consistency through coordinated campaigns and unified messaging.

Brand consistency across locations

One of the key reasons customers come to franchises is the brand consistency that they afford. It’s expected that a product or service in one location will be exactly the same in another location.

However, rogue franchisees may not always accurately implement the franchise brand’s identity, negatively affecting the entire franchise network. With a cohesive marketing plan that’s implemented by every franchisee, the very first benefit that everyone can enjoy is customer recognition.

When a brand is well-recognised in the industry, it builds customer trust and this leads to loyalty and repeat business. A sound and cohesive marketing approach is ultimately good for a franchise’s bottom line.

Economies of scale in marketing efforts

A second excellent advantage of a cohesive franchise marketing plan is that franchisees can enjoy economies of scale related to their marketing efforts.

In particular, a unified marketing plan can lead to significant cost savings and greater cost efficiencies. The ability to share resources such as marketing materials and tools across the network is another major advantage.

Not to mention that smaller franchisees with less experience can specifically benefit from collective marketing efforts that put them on the map and enable them to leverage the power of the broader franchise brand.

Enhanced local and national campaigns

Many franchises implement national marketing campaigns that can be tailored locally. This national reach with a local touch is another essential advantage of a unified franchise marketing plan. Franchisees can enjoy synergy through collaboration, which can enhance overall marketing effectiveness.

And being close to their local communities with tailored local approaches while falling under a broader national marketing campaign can draw in customers and again contribute to customer loyalty, trust and support.

Streamlined communication and support

Another area where franchisees can thrive is when they have access to a centralised marketing strategy and headquarters guidance and support. With the right investment in franchisee training and development, franchisees are better equipped to execute marketing plans. 

And with the implementation of feedback loops or mechanisms,it’s possible for the entire franchise network to continuously improve its marketing strategies, refining them over time for broader reach and greater success.

Conclusion: Leveraging digital marketing

Digital marketing is the future in terms of franchise marketing. After all, not having an online presence in today’s digital age is like having a business but hiding it from the world. This is counterintuitive and counterproductive.

There are numerous digital tools and platforms that can unify your franchise’s marketing efforts while offering you real-time data and analytics that can help drive your decision-making processes. The ultimate upshot of this is greater accountability to the franchisee network, higher returns on investment and improved customer acquisition.

Whether you do your franchise marketing in-house or outsource it to a franchise marketing agency, one thing is certain. The success of your franchise marketing efforts hinges on a cohesive marketing plan that should be implemented uniformly through the network.

Any deviations could cause irreparable harm to your brand and that’s why consistency over time should be one of your biggest marketing priorities.

Dani Peleva
Dani Peleva