Busting the common misconceptions about cleaning franchises

The cleaning industry has found itself more in demand and thriving as a result of the pandemic, with customers more aware of the importance of a clean and hygienic home.

Busting the common misconceptions about cleaning franchises

The cleaning industry has found itself more in demand and thriving as a result of the pandemic, with customers more aware of the importance of a clean and hygienic home. But with the need for expertly trained cleaners growing, many entrepreneurs and prospective franchisees do not consider starting a cleaning franchise as they don’t believe they have the necessary experience or skillset. In an industry that contributes more than £55.5 billion to the UK economy2, this popular belief has been shown to be untrue, with domestic cleaning franchise Poppies proving that cleaning franchises are in fact an attractive investment. Here, Chris Wootton, Managing Director of Poppies, quashes some common misconceptions associated with becoming a franchisee in the cleaning industry.

I won’t be my own boss

This is one of the most common misconceptions in the franchise industry. While you will be operating within the framework of the franchise structure that has been refined, proven and trusted, your own ideas and vision are equally if not more important to the success of your business. Cleaning franchises need local expertise at the helm to meet customers’ demands and understand their individual needs. Without giving franchisees autonomy over how to appeal to their communities, the service will not work.

I don’t have any experience in the cleaning industry

Everyone starts their journey in franchising on the same page. You don’t necessarily need to have experience in the industry sector to succeed, but you will  need to be dedicated, hard-working and ambitious. Through rigorous and detailed training programmes and ongoing support, franchisors give franchisees the tools necessary to enable them to grow and evolve so they fit in perfectly with what their local community is looking for. In an industry that is thriving, many more people are considering a change of career and looking to a cleaning franchise that is both lucrative and in-demand both now and in the future.

I need experience running my own business to be a successful franchisee

It is the job of the franchisor to turn new franchisees into successful business owners through operating their proven system and providing ongoing support. Having said that, experience of running your own business will of course shorten the learning curve and will also bring useful knowledge of what has or hasn’t worked well in the past. It is, however, important not to worry about previous business experience as there are opportunities for people with all sorts of backgrounds. Franchisors look for different level of experience in different areas, where we have a diverse network of franchisees from the hospitality, engineering and marketing backgrounds to name a few. With our prospects, we like to see proof of their achievements, but what really matters is their ambition, potential and ability for further success in the future with their franchise.

I’m too busy

If striking a healthy work-life balance is your main driver for going into franchising, cleaning franchises are the ideal route to follow. Setting your own personal targets and building a capable and exceptional team to help reach those goals is all possible with the support of a reputable and trusted brand. Cleaning franchises open the door to a truly scalable business – you can start from home and go from there at a rate that suits you. Between 2016-2020, the amount of cleaning businesses in the UK increased by over 6,0001, and the pandemic further highlighted the need for exceptional cleaning service providers to be readily available and accessible to anyone. If there was ever a time to consider how to maximise your time and build a profitable and scalable business, it is now!

I’m not the right age

Being self-motivated and inspired by wanting to deliver the best possible service are the most important characteristics franchisees can possess. Whether you are just starting your franchise journey or you are seeking a role that will lead you into retirement, cleaning franchises offer diversity to suit anyone at any stage of their profession. Starting a cleaning franchise can be a highly profitable venture, not to mention an enjoyable and rewarding career choice.

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Chris Wootton
Chris Wootton