Gareth’s guide to a successful franchise

Gareth Sanders of Sparkle Cleaning outlines the importance of designating core values to govern the day-to-day running of your business.

Gareth’s guide to a successful franchise

Gareth Sanders of Sparkle Cleaning outlines the importance of designating core values to govern the day-to-day running of your business.

Before embarking on a business venture which, in my case, is a franchise model, it is paramount to create a ‘vision’, ‘mission’ and ‘culture’ for the company.

Deciding on a framework will help you develop a consistent, solid structure which everyone must adhere to, whether they are employees based at HQ or those who become valued franchisees in the future.

And it also helps to let potential clients or customers know about the company’s values too.

So how did we, at Sparkle Cleaning, approach these three key aspects of the business?

Vision: Outlines where you want the company to be in five to 10 years’ time, as well as the impact you intend to have on customers.

Mission:  A declaration of your business strategy which supports and confirms your statement on ‘vision’.

Culture: A collective personality which your whole team displays when working together. It is important for your culture to impress customers, along with the wider community.

Always remember it is
these values which guide decision-making
. A company’s values should never change. They are the uncompromising core principles a company is prepared to live or die by. These are ‘the rules of the game’, which should still exist in 10, 20 or even 50 years’ time.

The benefits of having a corporate culture are supported by social science, and not simply a matter of common sense.

Analysis has shown how culture can account for 20-30% of the differential in corporate performance, when compared with culturally unremarkable competitors.

Sparkle Cleaning, we have devised a simple set of guidelines and regulations we call ‘The Sparkle Way’.

Our own ‘rules of the game,’ as we call them, includes vision, mission, values, culture, uniform, standards of work and customer service. Please note that our ‘standards of work’ cover safety, courtesy, cleaning and efficiency.

These values are the cornerstone of our business. People are the core of any successful business, and we understand the importance of creating a top-notch team who recognise, embrace and quickly adapt to our core business values.

These should be the fundamental beliefs of any organisation. In other words, they are the guiding principles which dictate how people should behave and act in all areas of their working life.

To build long-lasting relationships, with both suppliers and clients, it’s important for a business to be clear about its values.

But more important than this, it is these values which make people aware whether a particular organisation is the right fit for them.

And these are our core
values at Sparkle Cleaning

Keep it Simple: Some cleaning companies overcomplicate what needs to be done, by using several chemicals when often one will do. That’s why we keep it simple, using only a handful of chemicals, which is also beneficial for our clients. We always provide our clients with a checklist, and one which has been agreed by them first.

Family Comes First: When you join the ‘Sparkle Team’ we think of you as family. This means all working together and supporting one another. If any of our franchise partners have an issue, and most of them will have concerns from time to time, we always offer them one vitally important piece of advice: ‘Never be
afraid to ask or to explain their worries to a member of staff at headquarters

Add Value: All our clients pay for a service. However, the service they pay for should always be the bare minimum we offer them. We seek to add value wherever we can. Whether it’s plumping pillows or learning names or wishing people a happy birthday. These simple extras count for so much when it comes to creating a strong bond, as well as a trusting, valued relationship.

Make Money: This is paramount for any company. But never forget we need to create a culture of ‘win-win all round,’ between franchise partners, their valued staff and equally valued clients. What we charge and pay must be fair in all segments of the business.

Have Fun: We all need to make work as contented an environment as possible. This is why we organise family fun days, Christmas parties and we like to surprise our staff with cards and gifts. The more a company gives, the more it receives back – period.

Just to recap. Decide on your core values, which are meant to act as an inspiration to everyone employed by the company, whether full-time or part-time.

These values should be your guiding light when it comes to ‘vision’, ‘mission’ and ‘culture’.

We thoroughly believe at Sparkle Cleaning that these aspects of the business should be clearly displayed and easily understood by employees, job applicants and clients alike.

Make certain these messages are displayed on signage at your headquarters – and/or outside or inside your own personal office space.

Include this information in marketing material, as this will help improve or substantiate the credibility of your company.

Make sure you reaffirm these values on a regular basis, all of which will assist your business when it comes to recruitment, retention and future direction.

Gareth Sanders
Gareth Sanders