Why PPP Is different

In terms of rewards and incentives, well-known franchises like Subway and McDonald's have a lot to recommend them. So, what sets Platinum apart?

Why PPP Is different

What crosses your mind when someone mentions that they own a franchise? McDonald’s? Subway? Domino’s Pizza?

It could be that you’re just hungry. But in all seriousness, you’re thinking along the right lines. They’re all what could be described as ‘traditional’ franchises in the UK.

They’ve all got success stories. They’ve all got thousands of Franchise Partners on board.

Plus, they’re all very different from Platinum Property Partners – or rather, Platinum is very different from them.

But first, let’s start with the similarities.

Like almost all franchises, Platinum Franchise Partners are buying a proven business: a system built on success and full training and mentoring from a well- established company.

But what sets Platinum apart from other franchises is its people and its asset-led business model.

Platinum Franchise Partners are
buying assets – not a job

Unlike many franchises which, in simple terms, are akin to buying a job, Platinum Franchise Partners own their assets from day one. That means they benefit from capital growth in their properties long after their franchise term has come to an end. If you’re renting a commercial unit to house your fast-food franchise, you’re paying rent and reaping no benefit from the value of that asset over time. With Platinum, you’re earning rent rather than paying it and enjoying growth in your properties’ values as well.

Platinum Franchise Partners are
buying into a community – not just a business

When you buy a more traditional franchise, such as some of the fast-food options mentioned earlier, one of the first things you’ll receive is the business’s operations manual, plus some intensive training and options for ongoing support.

Platinum Franchise Partners get all that and more, but they also become part of a community of more than 380 specialist

‘What sets Platinum
apart from other
franchises is its
people and its asset-
led business model’ property investors. That’s a lot of experience
and a lot of knowledge to call upon when
you need it.

Platinum is all about people

Our Franchise Partners don’t just benefit from our systems, specialist property investment business model and community of investors. They are mentored and guided through the minefield of building their property portfolios by our in-house team, who are experts in their fields.

We’re talking planning, renovations, finance, human resources, lettings legislation and licensing.

Make no mistake: These are areas of property investment where mistakes can be hugely damaging.

There’s also our Power Team to call upon, who are in place to guide Franchise Partners through buy-to-let mortgages, legal issues, accountancy and tax, insurance and inheritance planning.

There’s no operations manual in the world that can match that kind of support from real people.

Platinum’s business model is robust.
Really robust

Remember the global financial crisis of 2008-09? It probably seems like a long time ago now, but there are businesses (and Franchise Partners) out there who are still recovering from that period a decade on. Some never got the chance to recover.

A franchise is an investment, like any other business, and as such it can be affected by economic peaks and troughs. The key for those looking to buy a franchise is to choose a business model that is low-risk and protected against economic uncertainty.

During the 2008-09 downturn, Platinum Franchise Partners continued to enjoy healthy returns of between 10% and 15% from their properties – figures that have stood the test of time right up to the present day.

It’s the security of property combined with the certainty of franchising and the power of people.

That’s what makes Platinum different.

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