How fitness lover Jocette Coote is balancing motherhood, modelling and two F45 franchises

Jocette Coote's friendship with F45 founder Rob Deutsch led to her balancing modelling with motherhood while spearheading two F45 franchises

How fitness lover Jocette Coote is balancing motherhood

First, a confession: I dislike gym cardio. And for many reasons – predictable routines, puffed up fitness aficionados grunting loudly and the huge mirrors which remind me of the numerous doughnuts I devoured through the week. So when I marched into boutique gym F45 at Ravenscourt Park for a group HIIT class, I was inundated with excitement as well as a little nervousness. After all, I was going to do the workout regime which prepared Hugh Jackman for becoming Wolverine.

Enter the studio and there are sledgehammers parked on one side while the rest of the space is taken up by rowing machines, stationary bikes, kettlebells, Swiss balls, TRX bands and free weights – just about every toy you can think of employed in an effort to make even the beefiest of gym addicts sore. Packed with more than 20 invigorated exercise enthusiasts, the Angry Bird workout begins.

While I did expect frenetic, high-intensity bouts of blackout-inducing drills, the fast-paced bootcamp-style class didn’t have a single dull moment and had me breaking a sweat for 45 minutes. From the always-evolving list of exercises that make up the various pods including deadlifts, squats and pull-ups to the motivating trainers, this HIIT class is packed with everything you need. And there’s no fear of being abandoned as the coaches also check on every client for the correct form by giving individual attention to all. But what actually set this gym apart is the clever use of wall-mounted monitors that guide you through every session. Clearly, this isn’t the traditional bootcamp class I anticipated it to be.

Varsha Saraogi
Varsha Saraogi