Building success: The vital choice between in-house focus or agency expertise in franchise marketing

In the competitive world of franchising, the decision between assembling a dedicated team or outsourcing marketing tasks can define success

Building success

“We tend to feel that we know our business best — which is almost always true — and that only we can do the best job — which is almost always wrong.”

I’m sharing this quote from my book Franchise Fame: An insider’s marketing guide to incremental growth and soaring success for franchisors with you today. 

Why? Because many franchise owners out there, especially those just starting out, lack one thing: not time but priorities. 

You do not lack time but priorities

Every franchisor knows the struggle of managing multiple tasks simultaneously and alone. Be it meeting requests, a full inbox, operational challenges to be dealt with, etc. You may think you can manage all these tasks by yourself, but after countless weeks of 60-70-hour workweeks, you’ll soon discover that you can’t do it all.

This is where having a team of A-players at your side takes centre stage. It’s about identifying your priorities and delegating them effectively. But how do you prioritise for the benefit of your franchise? There is the value ladder model and the model that distinguishes between vital and functional tasks. I explore each one in more detail below.

The value ladder model

Imagine a ladder with rungs on it. Each rung represents a task to be completed. At the bottom of the ladder are administrative, low-value activities that nevertheless require attention. At the top of the ladder, the rungs represent high-value activities, which are crucial for the operation of your franchise business.

If you were to create a list with low- and high-value activities, and assign them in these categories, you’d quickly realise which tasks you can perform yourself and which can be delegated to experts in your team. Relying on others you’ve hired for the job to get it done is an important part of ensuring stronger performance of your business.

The vital versus functional tasks model

The second priorities model is the horizontal arrow that represents vital tasks on the one hand and functional tasks on the other. Once again, create a list of all the tasks that need to be carried out for the week. From this list, start assigning each task a priority level.

The tasks identified as vital, which could impact your business in a big way, are the tasks you should do yourself. Meanwhile, smaller, functional tasks that are still necessary but not a priority for you should be delegated.

An in-house team or an agency?

I completely understand that hiring a team of experts can be costly. Putting a team on a monthly payroll can take its toll on the franchise. The struggle is all too real and you may feel torn between excessive franchise costs spent on your team or hiring an external agency to act as your marketing arm.

While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, I would argue that hiring a specialist franchise marketing team is the preferred route to take. The reasons behind this are simple. You will save on excess costs.

For example, hiring the right agency can cost you less than hiring one expert in your team per month. What is more, the agency has many experts in numerous verticals, which means you’re tapping into a wider talent pool at a fraction of the cost.

When choosing a franchise marketing agency, be sure they listen more than they speak. They need to understand your business inside out and cater to your unique needs. But once the formalities and preliminaries are out of the way, it could save you a lot of time. What would normally take you or your team days or weeks to finish, a franchise marketing agency could get done in 30 minutes due to expertise and experience.


As I wrap up, I can’t overemphasise the importance of having a focused team at your side. You do not have to be a miracle worker and face burnout just because you’re working on your franchise alone.

Either invest in a focused team of A-players or in an external marketing arm for your franchise through a franchise marketing agency. Whichever option you choose, you’ll end up saving time and money and you’ll also be able to shift your focus to core, high-value, vital tasks that move your business forward.

Dani Peleva
Dani Peleva