Five online platforms to sky-rocket your franchise business

There's a whole world of online platforms out there that can support the development of your fledgling franchise business. So here are five that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Five online platforms to sky-rocket your franchise business

When your business operation requires a platform or solution to improve efficiency, communication or social media output, there are so many options out there. To make your decision-making easier, I’ll be sharing the key platforms we use within our children’s football coaching franchise; Football Fun Factory.

Making the wrong call when it comes to choosing a platform to meet the needs of your business can be a critical and expensive mistake. The best way to avoid such mistakes is to spend time researching the best platforms and that’s what I’ve done. So to save you precious time, here are five big recommendations.

Every franchise business, be it the franchisee or franchisor, will find a social media schedule tool useful and at the FFF, we use Later. This platform offers some fantastic features that make social media scheduling a dream. 

The most important factor in choosing the best scheduling platform is whether it links to each social media platform. Later can schedule your socials for Facebook Pages, Instagram, X, TikTok, LinkedIn and even Pinterest, if that (p)interests you? Sorry!

Having used Later as our scheduling tool for a couple of years now, it’s been great for managing our brand pages as well as the personal profiles of our Directors and key staff members. So why not head to and give it a try for yourself?

The next platform I would recommend is Webinar Geek. As a franchisor, we have held 100’s of Discovery Webinars in a slick and professional way. We use this platform to schedule weekly webinars to keep our franchise network up to date with the latest news and trends across the business.

Franchisees that manage teams of people will find a platform like Webinar Geek super useful and I highly recommend using the automated email features to save you lots of time too.

Signable is the third platform that I would recommend. We use this platform for all of our legal documentation such as franchise agreements and NDAs. It’s quick, and simple and conveys a professional image for your business and brand.

For those who like to be in the know, you can also get an insight into the progress of the signing of a document as email opens and document views are timestamped, so you can keep tabs on the steps that the recipient has taken.

Next up, I recommend Klayvio as an epic CRM system. You can build professional-looking campaigns and plug your email flows into your website or paid social media advertising. The return on investment with this CRM is huge and it drives the engine room of our franchise.

Finally, the fifth recommendation for a platform that will turbo-charge your franchise business is Calendly, which has been amazing for saving time. Calendly offers an online calendar where people can book a video call. The platform’s automation takes care of email communications saving you hours and making your comms super-efficient.

So there you go! Five recommendations of platforms that may help you scale and grow. Every business is different, and you should look deeper into whether these recommendations meet the needs of your business and brand, but they’ve all been instrumental in the development of our franchise.

James Cutting
James Cutting