Lead generation through PR

Is it possible to generate leads through PR activity? It’s a question the team at Rev PR hear all the time

Lead generation through PR

The answer is, quite simply, yes. But engaging potential franchisees is an art form and to stand out, you must continually refine your PR strategies. While you need to dedicate time and energy to the process, there are some quick wins to be had. 

Here are four simple and effective things to do that can boost your lead generation through PR.

Refresh your portal listings

Your portal listings are key to attracting prospective franchisees. It’s not just about presenting the facts but also telling a story that resonates with people. Highlight your unique selling points and align them with compelling narratives that showcase the success and growth potential within your franchise. Remember, stories evoke emotions and emotions drive decision-making. 

Enhance your listings with rich media. High-quality images and engaging videos can give prospects a real sense of what it’s like to be part of your franchise. Visual storytelling can capture the essence of your brand more effectively than words alone, providing a snapshot of the day-to-day operations and culture of your network.

Ensure that your listings are up to date with your latest industry awards, recognitions, and testimonials. This third-party validation builds credibility and trust, which are critical in a prospective franchisee’s decision-making process. 

Lastly, address the needs and aspirations of your target franchisees directly. You should already have profiles of your ideal candidates, so tailor your listings to speak to their ambitions and concerns. Are they seeking independence, financial security, or the chance to be part of a community? Reflect these desires in your messaging to create a personal connection.

Update your website content

In an ideal world, your own website should be the main gateway when it comes to lead generation. Your website serves as the cornerstone of your franchise’s online presence. It’s therefore essential to review and update your content regularly so that it reflects your current position. 

Incorporate dynamic content, such as blog posts, articles, and white papers that position your franchise as a thought leader in the industry. Share insights into market trends, operational excellence, and franchisee success stories. 

This type of content can not only improve SEO but also demonstrate the depth of knowledge and expertise within your franchise, establishing a foundation of authority and trust.

Accessibility and inclusivity should also be key considerations in your content strategy. Ensure that your website is navigable and comprehensible for all users, including those with disabilities. Simple language, alt text for images, and transcripts for videos are just a few of the measures that can make your site more inclusive and widen your potential lead pool.

Interactive elements like downloadable resources can also increase engagement on your site. These tools not only provide value to visitors but also offer you insights into what your prospective franchisees are looking for, allowing you to tailor your follow-up communications effectively.

Do some media relations!

Media relations are essential for amplifying your brand’s message beyond your immediate network. It’s a way to combat what we like to call shouting into a vacuum. Develop relationships with journalists and influencers and keep them informed of your latest news and achievements. A well-planned and executed run of press releases and media alerts can keep your brand top of mind and may lead to opportunities for features and interviews.

Tailor your pitches to the interests of the media outlets you’re targeting. A local news station may be keen to hear how your franchisees benefit their community, while a business publication will be more interested in your franchise’s growth and financial success. 

Personalising your approach can greatly increase your chances of securing coverage.

In addition to traditional media outlets, consider the power of online influencers and bloggers. Their endorsement can lend credibility to your franchise and expose your brand to new, highly engaged audiences. Develop partnerships where both your franchise and the influencer can benefit, creating a win–win scenario that fosters genuine advocacy.

It’s also crucial to monitor and measure the results of your media relations efforts. Track the coverage you receive and analyse its reach and impact. Which messages resonated with the media? Which outlets provided the most lead-generation opportunities? Use this information to refine your approach and build increasingly effective campaigns.

Interrogate your social media engagement

Social media is a rich ground for engagement that, when used correctly, can transform followers into leads. But be warned – generating leads through PR activity on social media is a skill. Do it well and you’ll reap the rewards – bungle it and you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess. 

Top tips:

  • Analyse the types of content that spark interaction.
  • Model future posts on top-performing content.
  • Categorise your content – does educational, behind-the-scenes or community impact get the most engagement?
  • Monitor sentiment – engagement isn’t always a good thing!
  • Identify the best times to post and the most engaging content formats.

Use these insights to inform your content strategy and create a calendar that will maintain and grow positive engagement over time.

Beyond analysing engagement, pay attention to the tone and voice of your social media presence. Is your brand’s personality shining through? Whether you’re friendly and informal or authoritative and informative, ensure that your tone is consistent across all platforms. Consistency in voice solidifies brand identity and can foster a stronger connection with your audience. 

Don’t underestimate the power of direct engagement on social media. Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and even reach out to followers to ask for feedback or thank them for their support. Direct engagement fosters a sense of community and shows that your brand values its followers, which can translate into increased lead generation.

It could be that raising your profile and having a bit of light-hearted fun is all you want and need from your social platforms. But we doubt it! Generating leads through PR activity is possible – you just need to invest time and energy to hone your skills. Or, for ease, you could consider outsourcing.  

Lead generation through PR – the verdict

Navigating the intricate world of lead generation through PR requires a blend of creativity, adaptability, and strategic foresight. 

By refreshing your portal listings with targeted messaging and interactive elements, you capture the interests of prospects at the very start of their journey. An up-to-date website acts as the backbone of your digital presence and allows you to weave your brand’s narrative into every piece of content. Meanwhile, social media engagement converts passive followers into active participants, fostering a loyal community that is eager to share your vision. And through proactive media relations, the stories from your franchise itself and your franchisees become part of a larger conversation, bringing both coverage and credibility.

If this all sounds great in theory but you’d like to ask a few questions or drill down on a particular topic, do get in touch. We love chatting about this stuff (as anyone who has met us in person will tell you!). Email [email protected] or call 07921 572554.

Lucy Archer
Lucy Archer