The smart way to grow your business: The role of technology in marketing

The role of technology in marketing is nothing short of revolutionary

The smart way to grow your business: The role of technology in marketing

To be sure, technology shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for all things traditional like leafleting and cold calling, but rather as the more refined and intelligent older sibling. Here are three ways that technology can make your marketing smarter as a franchise.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems: Enhanced targeting and personalisation

Blanket emails to your database no longer work, but it’s still important to automate the communication with your leads. Using a CRM system will allow you to create highly personalised messaging, from something as simple as referencing a lead’s name in an email, to something more complex like understanding this lead’s habits when it comes to clicking on certain links in your emails. 

For example, at Walfinch, if someone fills in a form on the website, they’ll automatically get video content relevant to their enquiry straight to their inbox. The content is tailored to meet the needs of the enquiry; one person might be applying for a job as a carer, while another may be looking for care for a loved one with complex medical needs. 

A finely tuned CRM system will enable you to communicate the correct messages to leads which will increase your conversions, without you having to do anything manually.   This enables you to save time and  make money.

Search engine optimisation (SEO): Getting found by people who don’t know you

Not everyone knows who you are. Technology gives you the opportunity to get in front of those people who have no idea you exist yet. Optimising your website for search engines ensures that you rank higher in Google, making it easier for potential customers to discover your business. 

Imagine someone is searching for “home care” or “live-in care” in your local area. There are loads of businesses offering services that come under these banners, so it’s important to rank highly to beat your competition. 

Setting up a Google Business Profile is the first thing you can do, and it’s free! This gives you a presence in Google Maps. You can then make sure your targeting the relevant keywords on your website and blog to make sure you appear more frequently for the correct search terms. 

There’s even technology to help you identify what these keywords are. Try things like Ubersuggest and Google Trends to see what people searching for your services typically search for, and build an SEO strategy based on the data.

Social media marketing: Bigger audiences at a fraction of the cost

Regularly posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, Google, and TikTok, is a great way for small businesses to connect with larger audiences. This doesn’t have to mean a global audience. 

Imagine you run a franchise in York and you want to let everyone know locally about your services. You could pay for someone to deliver leaflets all over town, which will take weeks. Or, you can find relevant community groups social media and let everyone know you’re open for business.

Social media and digital technologies have lessened the need for traditional marketing that costs more and takes a lot longer. This is not to say that there isn’t a place for leafleting, but technology can supplement your traditional marketing tactics and improve on them exponentially. 

As a business owner, the success of your small business is dependent on your ability to adapt and leverage technology effectively. The difference between thriving and merely surviving often comes down to how well you incorporate technology into your marketing strategy. So, if you want to take your business to the next level, consider the smartest way to grow – embrace the transformative power of technology in marketing. Oh, and go paperless! 

James Boyes
James Boyes