TV advertising is not just surviving; it’s thriving

TV advertising now rivals digital for measurable impact, offering franchisors the granularity of web analytics with the broad reach of traditional TV.

TV advertising is not just surviving; it's thriving

This blend of old and new has led to significant wins for franchisors across the spectrum, from QSR to education, showcasing TV’s unmatched ability to drive real-world results. In this digital age, TV advertising is not just surviving; it’s thriving, powered by data and precision.

In an era where financial constraints are ever-present, one might assume that advertisers are gravitating towards platforms that promise high visibility at minimal costs, preferring broad, undiscriminating reach over precision. However, that is not the case.  In reality, advertisers are increasingly valuing sophisticated, data-driven targeting strategies that offer reliable performance metrics and measurable outcomes. Remarkably, the prevalence of highly targeted, data-driven TV advertising campaigns has surged by 94% in January 2024 compared to the same period in the previous year.

The rise of digital native advertisers

Digital-first brands, like Fireaway Pizza, Art-K, Remitly, Equifax, Marks Electrical, Allica Bank (to name but a few), traditionally reliant on online advertising, are now recognizing that data-driven, precisely targeted TV advertising campaigns can deliver cost-effective results on a larger scale. Even amidst economic challenges, the number of digital-native brands making their debut on TV has increased by 10% in January 2024 compared to the same period last year. This is strengthening confidence in franchise brands, who traditionally are heavy digital spenders and who are looking to invest in TV for the first time. Being able to demonstrate performance and ROI back to the franchisee network is critical.

TV meets digital: A new era of outcome measurement

Peter Drucker, often hailed as the father of modern business management, famously stated, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This principle is particularly relevant in the context of TV advertising. The industry’s enhanced ability to directly measure the immediate impact of TV campaigns on key performance indicators, such as website visits and sales, is equipping franchisors with the necessary tools to fine-tune their strategies effectively. Outcomes measurement for traditional TV now has all the functionality of digital, levelling the playing field, rendering performance advertising platforms agnostic. The demand for such precise measurement has risen by 45% over the past year, underscoring the growing emphasis on accountability and performance in advertising.

Real-time data transforms TV outcome measurement

Historically, quantifying the impact of TV advertising has presented challenges. Marketing Mix Modelling, while still profoundly valuable in our digital era, often fails to offer the granular, campaign-level insights necessary for optimizing daily performance. However, Sky’s recent enhancement of its 4 million-viewing panel, integrated with a real-time IP database of connected Sky subscribers, has revolutionized TV measurement. This advancement uniquely equips Sky with unrivalled capabilities in TV ad measurement, elevating it to a precision level akin to digital measurement metrics.

This significant leap forward ensures that the impact of TV advertising on outcomes is no longer shrouded in broad estimates but is now measurable with the same accuracy and agility as digital campaigns. Franchisors can now fine-tune their TV campaigns with real-time data, aligning closely with the dynamic shifts in consumer behaviour and market trends.

Recent franchisor campaigns have underscored the effectiveness of data-driven targeting strategies when executed on a platform that is both trusted and engaging. Far from being extraordinary, their results are tangible proof that targeted TV advertising is a powerful tool for achieving measurable and impactful outcomes.

This article comes courtesy of AdSmart from Sky

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