How technology of the future is already changing the face of business today?

If anything good comes from Covid-19, it may be the realisation that remote working is not just an alternative for times of crisis, but actually the best way to conduct business.

How technology of the future is already changing the face of business today?

If anything good comes from
Covid-19, it may be the realisation that remote working is not just an
alternative for times of crisis, but actually the best way to conduct business

The on-going Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on so many different people, companies and countries around the world.

The consequences of this terrible disease will be felt for many years to come, and potentially decades.

However, if we can somehow escape all the tragedy and suffering it has caused over the past six months, then perhaps there maybe one or two aspects of it which may have changed life for the better going forward.

Technology has advanced greatly over the past couple of decades, and is likely to continue doing so in the foreseeable future.

Just imagine how life and business would have ground to a halt this year, had it been 1970 and not 2020.

At least, thanks to technology, certain members of the workforce have been able to continue their jobs remotely. Maybe not full time but certainly part-time – which couldn’t have happened just a few decades ago.

Technology has kept everyone going, whether allowing friends and family to stay in touch with each other via social media, or the ability to remain in contact with work colleagues and customers during hours of business.

Some good has happened during, what has been, a dreadfully tragic period for the whole of mankind.

The big question now, is whether company owners and bosses, having witnessed the benefits of modern technology, will continue to embrace it when life starts returning to some new version of ‘normality.’

This new way of working could and should have started long ago. Perhaps bosses didn’t trust their employees to work from home, whether for reasons of motivation, productivity or security.

Maybe, having witnessed how well some businesses have coped during the Covid-19 crisis, working habits will now change?

And the good news is that we possess the tools to make it work for current and future generations.

The opportunity to grab hold of this new technology is available right now, for both businesses large and small,

There is a real sense of opportunity for modern technology to shape everyone’s lives – both in and out of the office.

Let’s take a look at why it’s not all currently doom and gloom for companies but, rather, a great chance to enjoy a more efficient future in the work place – both for bosses and their staff alike.

Because of Covid-19, remote working is now viewed as being a vital part of daily office life, not just an increasingly popular alternative.

Without wanting to sound too technical, your SMB (server message block) needs collaboration tools, which are becoming more and more sophisticated, as well as easily available.

Many of these tools are making that wonderful 1990s invention, called an ’email’, old news – to a certain extent.

For some businesses, ‘the email’ has lost its zest, losing out to instant messaging.

Video conferencing has boomed following the decision by the government to enforce a lockdown and with it its many social-distancing rules and guidelines.

We now communicate and collaborate using our laptops, and other devices, rather than congregating in some city centre boardroom. We can message, video and file-share more easily.

And with fewer people needing to use road, rail and air travel, it’s good for the environment too.

The great news is that these items of modern technology are just as accessible to small businesses, as larger ones.

Among the benefits of utilising collaboration tools is that everything remains centralised.

There is nothing worse than having to visit a number of different software outlets to keep on top of emails, instant messaging, documents and other informative tools.

But all that’s in the past, now that everything can be accessed from the same place.

An all-in-one SMB platform is the brand new way to conduct day-to-day business, using Cloud technology to keep everyone connected wherever they are in the world.

Cloud-based tools allow colleagues to stay connected through calls, video and messages while working remotely.

The facts

Saving you money: Because collaboration tools are available via the same platform, small businesses are sent just a single invoice. Other costs are reduced too, because video conferencing minimises the need for road, rail and air travel. Thanks to instant messaging, and the sharing of files using Cloud technology, employees can keep in touch all over the globe. This means fewer overheads and less physical office space.

Remain up to date. As soon as a company signs up, they are first in line to benefit from many new pieces of advanced software which appear on the market. Each new update is included in the cost of the service, which prevents companies from having to change their hardware every few years to cater for new powerful software products. Remember, innovation is included in the price of a subscription.

Flexible and mobile: Embracing collaboration tools is the best way forward for businesses which are quick to identify the benefits of remote working – which is likely to remain in place long after Covid-19 is under control. This makes it easier to employ and connect with new freelancers – even on a temporary basis. All of a sudden, the best talent in the world is on your doorstep, despite physically being thousands of miles away.

Efficient and secure: Streamlining is good for efficiency, transparency and ultimately productivity. Bosses now require fewer tools in order to delegate and maintain contact with their workforce.

Simple and accessible: Easy to implement into any workplace environment, as well as being flexible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. They also integrate safely into existing communication systems, with Cloud technology enjoying a reputation for being secure and reliable. With the likelihood of the UK economy suffering from a recession anytime soon, collaboration tools offer great value for money for all companies.

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