Business as usual

When Covid-19 became a reality during spring, and the Government's lockdown was imposed, successful franchise My Window Cleaner had no choice but to react quickly allowing them to remain in control of this fast-changing situation.

Business as usual

When Covid-19 became a
reality during spring, and the Government’s lockdown was imposed, successful
franchise My Window Cleaner had no
choice but to react quickly allowing them to remain in control of this fast-changing

There has never been a more important time to adopt change than now.

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc all over the globe, businesses large and small have faced a plethora of problems and challenges, in a bid to stay afloat.

Some dilemmas are more complex than others and one company which has viewed this current crisis as an opportunity, rather than a series of obstacles, is successful franchise My Window Cleaner.

The Hertfordshire-based company recently celebrated the amazing performance of a new franchisee which, despite ‘going live’ during the opening weeks of the lockdown, set a new record for a fledgling business.

The success of Gareth’s franchise in Newport proved, when a life-changing event such as COVID-19 takes place, it is vital for companies to understand the importance of changing with the times.

In other words, embrace and transform or face potential extinction. Companies must not cave in to such woes but must tell themselves ‘it is business as usual, but not as we knew it.’

Somebody once suggested ‘it is neither the strongest, nor the most intelligent of species which survives, but the most adaptable.’

And this maxim certainly describes the approach taken by franchisor My Window Cleaner which has been satisfying customers since 1996, from their headquarters in Potters Bar.

A spokesperson for the company said: “During this lockdown period, we have actually expanded our franchise operation and our franchisees are performing better than ever.

“One such new franchise owner is Gareth, who was just a few weeks away from launching his business when the pandemic struck.

“Gareth’s home territory is Newport and with all our new franchise owners, we adopt a proven marketing plan that has always provided over 50 customers in their first month of trading.

“But with COVID-19 looming, we decided to pull the campaign and re-think the situation.

“We discovered a new online portal and posted various articles, which were not only well received, but actually produced 58 live customers, as well as yielding £3,405 of revenue.

“Along with this came repeat ongoing business, and it was certainly a successful start.”

Yet, to achieve this remarkable result, My
Window Cleaner
had to adopt an entirely new approach to running its business.

The spokesperson added: “Traditionally, a third-party distribution company would implement a leaflet campaign.

“However, during lockdown, this was not appropriate and we were concerned over potential brand damage.

“Leaflets had always produced good returns and we had to re-evaluate how we would distribute, and with what.

“So we came up with a new COVID-19 leaflet which reassured potential customers of the necessary precautions we were taking.

“As for distributing our literature: Royal
was still delivering post and this seemed to be an acceptable and trusted method for the public to accept.

“We held our breath and the Royal Mail‘s leaflet drop, along with a new, unproven design of leaflet, commenced.

“The results speak for themselves: From 52 enquiries, Gareth found himself 51 regular customers. It was a campaign that quickly paid for itself.”

Areas covered by the franchisees of My Window
include the regions of north London and south Hertfordshire, along with Bedford, Bournemouth, Canterbury, Newport and Swindon.

After scrutinising the success of this new franchise in Newport, the company’s spokesperson was delighted to announce: “Gareth had smashed all previous records.

“In fact, one particular week’s revenues amounted to £1,400, which was more than our pilot franchisee in Canterbury achieved during the entire first month.

“Learning, adapting and trailing is so important for any business, and ours is no exception.”

But Newport was not the only highlight from the last few unsettling months, with the spokesperson adding: “We have actually successfully partnered, trained and launched a further four franchise owners during the lockdown period.

“Our existing partners have continued to expand their businesses during 2020. Alan in Canterbury has now gone multi-van, thanks to amassing 600 regular customers.

“Meanwhile, Josh in Bournemouth has also enjoyed his highest week’s turnover since launching.”

Among the many services
provided by My Window Cleaner are window
cleaning (outside, inside and conservatories); gutter maintenance; jet washing
(driveways, patios, decking, paths and walls); and interior cleaning (windows,
glass doors, showers and mirrors)

Andy Swales
Andy Swales