Bodystreet hails German approach to hygiene

Micro-studios go the extra mile to ensure a safe and healthy space for their clients.

Bodystreet hails German approach to hygiene

go the extra mile to ensure a safe and healthy space for their clients.

For many businesses it has been a huge challenge surviving the lockdown inflicted upon them because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many have been forced to offload staff, despite the presence of the Government’s furlough scheme, while others have stopped trading altogether.

And for those who have managed to successfully negotiate a route to the other side, after more than three months of sleepless nights and uncertainty, the next challenge is just beginning, as companies make sure they are ready to safely re-open their doors to the public.

Rapidly expanding franchise Bodystreet are confident they will be in peak condition when customers start visiting their studios once again.

Although a number of Government rules and regulations have been relaxed, a handful of strict guidelines remain in place, with the threat of Covid-19 still a real danger.

Bodystreet‘s master franchisee in the UK, Mark Holland, says: “As a business we have looked at how we can make our studios even more hygienic as we prepare to open.

“Our franchisees have invested in sanitation processes to make the hygiene standards even higher.

“This will ensure every studio, when they re-open, operates as Covid Secure.

“And Bodystreet, being German, has always operated with high hygiene standards at the core of its business.” “Beste Hygiene Stufen” as they say in Germany.

The company launched in Germany 14 years ago, with its first micro-studio opening in Munich.

Its purpose is to provide a small studio environment, with a personalised training programme and fast results.

The Bodystreet setting is perfect for those who want to avoid large crowded gyms and do not wish to spend long hours working on their fitness.

Since opening in 2006, the Bodystreet franchise now caters for more than 40,000 clients weekly, in over 300 studios across Germany, Austria, Italy and United States.

The first of Bodystreet‘s nine UK studios opened in Milton Keynes four years ago this month, with Mark Holland outlining the steps the company has taken ahead of re-opening their facilities following lockdown.

He explained: “Our franchisees have taken the decision to install StudiOzone in their studios.

“StudiOzone is effective and efficient, using ozone to cleanse our studios.

 “While their clients may not visually notice the difference in the studio, they will hopefully feel peace of mind knowing they are training in probably the most hygienic conditions possible.”

If you want more information about the company, and its post-Covid-19 plans, please visit or www.StudiOzone.UK.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales