Stay positive, be proactive and embrace change

This is the advice Shuttercraft are telling their franchisees as the company prepares for life after lockdown, by offering a 'virtual service' to its customers.

Stay positive

This is the advice Shuttercraft are telling their franchisees as the company prepares for life after lockdown, by offering a ‘virtual service’ to its customers.

No one knows exactly what the brave new world will look like, how it may feel or how welcoming it will be for businesses.

But according to Shuttercraft’s franchise manager, Lisa Stead, companies should dig deep into their well of knowledge and adopt a creative approach to help cope with these times of uncertainty.

The future is yet to arrive but she says it is important to try and anticipate what the rules of engagement might be, and how it will affect businesses in the months, years and perhaps decades ahead.

But she insists that time for change is now, and that doing nothing is certainly not an option.

Shuttercraft’s franchisees are already thinking on their feet, while adapting to the restrictions currently in place.

While the battle to survive the Coronavirus pandemic is tough on households and businesses alike, it can be particularly difficult for companies which need to enter the personal space of families, in order to carry out their normal day-to-day duties.

And in a bid to remain ahead of the competition, Shuttercraft has had to be extremely inventive.

Stead admits: “When your business relies on visiting people’s homes to measure, discuss and fit products, you might be tempted to batten down the hatches and wait for it all to blow over.

“But our proactive approach has led to a continued stream of leads, with steps being taken to make certain that Shuttercraft’s franchise partners are looking forward with confidence.”

The award-winning Winchester-based company has demonstrated its resilience to these on-going conditions by introducing virtual consultations, as well as a simple measuring service for its customers.

Shuttercraft has welcomed and developed new ideas, by tapping into the expertise which exists within its own franchise network and, as a result, have modernised its service in the wake of the current restricting problems.

Stead added: “We’ve introduced new ways of working, enabling us to maintain excellent customer service. This is when the benefit of a strong franchise network really comes to the fore.”

The company’s innovative approach to digital marketing has been extended, so that they can now teach their customers online to measure their own shutters and make choices on style and colour 

This, in turn, will make the entire process of delivering and fitting the shutters so much quicker, when this lockdown period finally ends.

Stead went on: “This ensures we continue to build a rapport with our customers, and provide them with outline costs, and assure them that the moment we can safely visit their home, it’s a simple confirmation measure, and the easiest of processes to make the sale.”

And it appears this ingenious way of preparing for new business is working.

She reports: “With many people staring at their curtains day after day in the lockdown, and looking for ways to improve their homes, we’re getting great take-up of the scheme. And our network is even stronger for the experience.

“We’re so proud of our franchise network, and the cooperation and support shown by everyone involved has been magnificent.

“When everyone is building on shared ideas, we can see the power that a co-operating, organised franchise network can achieve. It drives the business forward, while ensuring everyone remains safe.”

Andy Swales
Andy Swales