Hands up – who has a question about education franchises?

More people than ever are investing in Britain's booming education sector. And despite common belief, you don't need a teaching background to do so

Hands up – who has a question about education franchises?

Currently estimated to be worth £2bn per year, the UK’s private tutoring market continues to expand. Not only topping the bill in Europe, Britain’s one of the top spenders on private tuition worldwide. In fact, the proportion of pupils receiving private or home tuition increased by more than 30% over the course of the last decade.

However, no matter how successful an industry is you’ll always need to ask yourself some basic yet fundamental questions when looking to invest. Chiefly, about your skills, knowledge, commitment and financials. And when it comes to an education franchise it’s worth delving even deeper into what’s desired by a franchisor, because there are many misconceptions you don’t even need to worry about.

Is it an industry of ex-teachers?

It’s a common and understandable myth to assume you need a background in teaching or education to successfully join the sector. But unless the franchise you’re considering means you’ll personally teach a specific subject then management, communication and, often, sales experience is far more valuable for you to possess. For example, almost 80% of franchisees of Tutor Doctor, the home-tutoring franchise, don’t hail from a career in teaching. Instead, the franchise seeks people-orientated professionals with passion for building a great business whilst improving the lives of children.

Do you need management experience?

As with any franchise, previous experience managing or running a company is an advantage simply because you’re familiar with covering the essential business disciplines during the early stages. Moreover, it’s important to consider in advance whether you’re going to remain a sole operator or if you intend to run the business in a management-style operation once established.

Either way, if you’re serious about growth and making an impact on your community you must be able to identify, recruit and lead people who share your vision and values for the business. As a case in point, Tutor Doctor franchisees source and hire specialist tutors to undertake the actual tutoring and as they grow, franchisees commonly employ in-house administration assistants, bookkeepers, secretaries and even office managers when running more than one territory. So for Tutor Doctor, experience managing a team and some leadership qualities are essential.

Do I need kids of my own to understand education?

Not having a teaching history or kids of your own certainly shouldn’t influence your decision to invest in an education franchise. However, what you will need to succeed is something you perhaps wouldn’t rely on as much in, for instance, B2B or retail franchises: a significant level of empathy with your customers. This includes an understanding of their motivations and buying decisions because, at the end of the day, your business will be directly involved in a very personal and emotive aspect of their lives: their children.”

The importance of having passion for making a difference and improving lives through learning can’t be underestimated and will be something franchisors look for in you. For instance, it’s so important for Tutor Doctor’s success that it forms an integral part of the franchise’s recruitment process

What can my franchisor do for me?

Education is a particularly fast-paced and dynamic industry. And while you as a franchisee don’t need prior experience, your franchisor must demonstrate proven sector-related success. This includes things like strategic, parent-centric marketing campaigns and a head office in place that understands the unique nature of your target audience. Ultimately, when it comes to education one size definitely doesn’t fit all, so be sure to plunge into this side of the opportunity when meeting with franchisors.”

Certainly, being kept up-to-date with curriculum changes and legislation updates is essential. It not only feeds your marketing and sales strategies but ensures your tutors and staff remain as suitably qualified and informed as possible. Because as you would expect, you need to stay ahead of the game and bring only the best standards to your customers.”

With all this considered, the education industry can be as personally rewarding as it is professionally. It’s a unique landscape to work in and knowing you’re empowering future generations is something very special indeed. With commitment, skill and the support of a great franchisor, there’s no telling what you can achieve.”

This article comes courtesy of Tutor Doctor, the tutoring franchise
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